12. Wealth and poverty

  1. have a lot of money and spend it stupidly
    have more money than sense - több pénze van, mint esze
  2. they live a lite full of activity and excitement
    live life in the fast lane - a gyors (belső) sávban él
  3. consider and activity to be normal that most people  would think was difficult unusual, etc.
    think nothing of (doing) sg
  4. be expensive
    not come cheap nem olcsó mulatság
  5. spend and unusually large sum of money on sg
    splash out (on sg) - kiloccsantani (pénzt) valamire, sokat költeni rá
  6. be very expensive
    cost an arm and a leg - méregdrága
  7. enter a place
    set foot in/on/inside sg - betenni a lábát valahová
  8. used to say that sb has a lot of money and can buy what they want.
    money is no object - a pénz nem téma?
  9. in the easy and comfortable conditions that result from being wealthy.
    in the lap of luxury - jólétben tobzódva
  10. spend more money than you earn
    live beyond your means
  11. become involved in sg which may cause problems.
    be/get caught up in sg
  12. have just enough money or food to stay live.
    live from hand to mouth - tengődik, máról holnaprá él
  13. it is available at a lower price  than usual
    going cheap
  14. save or keep sg for future use
    put sg aside - eltesz, félretesz
  15. pay some money to reserve sg, before paying for it in full
    put down a deposit - félre tenni, letétbe helyezni
  16. used to give the most recent news you have about sg
    the last I heard - az utsó, amit hallottam...
  17. used to say you could have described sg in a much stronger and more extreme way
    • to say the least - enyhén szólva
    •                          nem akarok túlzni
  18. used to say that the present bad situation has often happened before.
    it's the same old story - ugyanaz a régi nóta
  19. you are late paying the money that you owe.
    in arrears with - késedelem
  20. It is used to emphasize how short a period of time is.
    A matter of seconds minutes etc. - Percek alatt
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