11. Money

  1. almost
    Pretty much/well - eléggé, elég jól
  2. very poor; with very little money to live on.
    on the breadline - a létminimumon
  3. spend a lot of money on sg. usually money you don't want to spend.
    • fork sg out (on sg) - előkotor
    • pay sg out - kiguberál
  4. be poorer, unhappier, etc. than before
    • be worse off - lehet ennél is rosszabb
    • be better off
  5. have sg to use when in difficulty (in this case money).
    fall back on sg - ráfanyalodik, kénytelen beérni vele
  6. find or get sg. that you want or really need.
    lay/get your hands on sg - megkaparint, kézbe kerít
  7. finish paying money that is owed for sg.
    • pay sg off - kifizet
    •                      kifizetődik
  8. pay for everything yourself without relying on others.
    pay your (own) way - fizet a maga módján
  9. rescue sb from a difficult situation, usually with money.
    bail sb out - meglóg, kiugrik (pénzzel)
  10. Get sb/yourself into a difficult situation
    land sb/yourself in sg - nehéz helyzetbe hoz
  11. if you do sg ..., it is your idea and you do it without help from others.
    off your own bat
  12. be careful and not take many risks.
    err on the side of caution
  13. have enough money/time, etc. for doing sg.
    have money/time to play with - elég pénze van tenni vmit
  14. as time passes
    as time goes by - az idő múlásával
  15. keep sg; not give or sell sg to sb else.
    hold on to/onto sg - kapaszkodik vmibe, ragaszkodik vmihez
  16. include sg extra
    • add sg on (to sg) - kiegészítve
    • add-on
  17. add up to a total amount
    come to sg - kitesz vmit, kerül vmibe
  18. have a successful result
    bear fruit - siker koronázza
  19. knowing that there could be problems in a situation
    with your eyes open - nyitott szemmel, óvatosan jár
  20. made her dislike it (as above)
    the accident put her off driving - elkedvetlenít
  21. postpone or cancel the arrangement I made with him
    it's too late to put him off - elnapol, elhalaszt
  22. disturb or distract me
    don't put me off when I'm working - megzavar, kizökkent
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