Rest and Sleep Nurs210

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  1. What are the stages, in order, of a complete sleep cycle?
    • 1-2-3-4-3-2-REM
    • Then start at 2 again: 2-3-4-3-2-REM
  2. How long is it before a REM stage in a sleep cycle?
    Typically about 90 minutes
  3. how long does stage 1 sleep last?
    just  few minutes
  4. how long does stage 2 sleep last?
    10-20 min
  5. how long does stage 3 sleep last?
    15-30 min
  6. how long does stage 4 sleep last?
    15-30 min
  7. what stage sleep do people with sleep loss spend the most time in?
    stage 4
  8. what are the three types of sleep disorders?
    • intrinsic
    • extrinsic
    • circadian rhythm disorders
  9. What is a primary nursing consideration with sleep disorders?
  10. What is bruxism?
    violent, repetitive grinding of the teeth
  11. what is the most common sleep diagnostic test?
    multiple sleep latency test

    • direct objective measurement of sleepiness used to evaluate somnolence and daytime sleepiness
    • pt given 4-5 20 minute nap opportunities at 2 hr intervals
    • if sleep occurs within 7 minutes for 3 or more tests, abnormal level of sleepiness is indicated
  12. what preparations are required before a multiple sleep latency test?
    • stop all sleep affecting drugs for 2 weeks
    • no smoking 30 min before
    • no alcohol or caffeine day before
  13. what is the primary intervention for all sleep disorders?
    to eliminate the underlying cause
  14. what is the problem with most pharmacological solutions that produce sleep?
    they often suppress REM sleep
  15. At what stage are a patient's VS significantly lower than normal?
    stage 4
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