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  1. What should the nurse do if she hears someone breaching HIPAA?
    Let them know about HIPAA and encourage them to speak in private.
  2. What Should a nurse do if she over hears another nurse violating HIPAA?
    notify the supervisor of the breach and fill out an incident report.
  3. Describe Kegel Exercises and what they are used for?
    they improve sphincter muscles. strengthen weakened pelvic muscles.
  4. Describe the different types of suctioning and when to do it as well as what must the nurse aware of when suctioning?
    chest tubes, NG, postoperative woundcare
  5. Describe oral care of the unconscious client and what safety precaution should the nurse do to prevent aspiration
    no water, use toothettes, have them be sidelying with a kidney basin underneath their chin.
  6. How would the nurse measure the NG tube for proper length for a client?
    From the nasal opening to around the ear to the stomach.
  7. What is the lithotomy position used for? list all exams?
    Abdominal, Pelvic, and Papsmear
  8. Describe the different stages of grieving?
    Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance
  9. What is the first thing a nurse should do in regards to medication administration?
    Check the patient.
  10. How would a nurse assess peripheral circulation?
    peripheral pulses
  11. What assessments would you perform on a client that is in restraints and how often?
    • assess restraint every 30 minutes.
    • release retraint every 2-4 hours provide range of motion.
    • reassess continued need for restraint q8hr.
  12. What precautions need to be taken when working with a client who has c-diff?
    Transmission base and contact
  13. What is a vagal reaction? What can it cause it?
    • 1. vein collapse during venipuncture
    • 2. pallor
    • 3. sweating faintness, dizziness and nausea
    • 4. low blood pressure
    • cause: anxity and pain
  14. What type of diet should a patient with diarrhea be placed on and why?
    Bland foods that are easily absorbed, food with potassium and sodium
  15. What orders would you anticipate being ordered for a client about to have surgery?
    NPO prior, post: npo, clear liquid, full liquid, soft diet as tolerated.
  16. What does a clear liquid consist of?
    water, tea, coffee, clear broths, ginger ale or other carbonated beverages, strained and clear juices and plain gelatin objective relieve thirst, prevent dehydration
  17. What is meant by a full liquid diet?
    only liquids or foods that turn to liquid at body temperature. EXAMPLE: ice cream
  18. What is a soft diet?
    easily chewed and digested. ordered for client with dysphagia, low residue (low fiber) with very few client uncooked foods. pureed. liquid may be added and blended to a semi solid consistency.
  19. What does RICE stand for in soft tissue or muscle injury?
    Rest, Ice, Compression
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