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  1. Who were the first to naming Vodka?
    The Polish
  2. what does "Zhiznennia Voda" means?
    The water of Life, vodka means Little water and became a common term during the 18th century.
  3. Does Vodka needs to be matured?
  4. Absolute Vodka
    • Founded by Lars Olson Smith in 1879. 
    • Went international in 1979.
    • Is the third most sold vodka in the world.
  5. What are Vodka made of?
    • wheat
    • rye
    • barley
    • potatoes

    more than 90% of the global production are made from grain, such as wheat and rye.
  6. What does Vodka means?
    Little water
  7. What happened in 1870 which revolutionized Vodka production?
    Theodore Lowitz discovered  that when foltred thru charcoal, vodka became milder and softer.
  8. Vodka is normally classified into two groups?
    • East European (Such as Russians and Polish vodka) 
    • Wester World Vodka (USA, Sweden, France..)
  9. Vodka Brands
    • Skyy
    • Absolute
    • Gray Goose
    • Smirnoff
    • Finlandia
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