Chapter 4

  1. Accessory
    One who, after an offense has been commited, aids, conceals, or warns a principle with the intent that the principle avoid arrest, prosecution, or punishment for the crime.
  2. accomplice
    One who, with the purpose of promting or assisting in the commission of the offense, aids, agrees to aid, or attempts to aid in planning or committing the offense; or when having the duty to prevent the offense fails to do so.
  3. Attempt
    A specific intent to commit a substansive crime, coupled with an act in futherance of that intent to go beyond mere preperation.
  4. Conspiracy
    an agreement b/w 2 or more parties for the purpose of achieving an unlawful objective or a lawful objective by unlawful means, when one of the parties to the agreement commits an overt act
  5. Inchoate crime
    A criminal act that goes beyond the mere thought but occurs before the substansive criminal act is compleated. Also known as preparatory crime
  6. Prepratory act
    act commited by the offender in prep or prior to the commission of hte substitive crime.
  7. Principal (s)
    Person (s) who commit the crime
  8. Solicitation
    Asking, encouraging, or soliciting another person to commit a crime, with the intent that the substansive crime will be commited by the other person.
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