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  1. *Opening* Playing dress up| But imagine this taken to a completely different level. A 2 year old who looks like a woman almost 10x her age | Parents argument- boosts confidence, builds self esteem, presentational speaking | But the question is, do those benefits really outweigh the costs?
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  3. Slide 2 exploitation is defined as the action or fact of treating someone unfairly in order to benefit from their work 

    Which is essentially what the parents of child pageant contestants partake in 

    In 2009,  TLC debuted the first episode of Toddlers & Tiaras which invites the country into the competitive world of child pageants (Explain how show works) judged on beauty, personality, and costumes

    On one episode in particular 3 year old Paisley Dickey is dressed as a hooker, imitating the prostitute played by Julia Roberts in the 1990 film, Pretty Woman

    The adult appearance and sexualization of these young girls can also attract unwanted public including pedophiles and child molesters
  4. Slide 3 With so much emphasis on physical
    beauty, parents (typically mothers) take extreme measures to perfect their
    child in order to win 

    And under some circumstances, even when it is not consented by the child
  5. Slide 4 typically in most cases of child abuse we hear about a parent blatantly beating or harming their child, but there are also other circumstances as well. 

    (Explain mothers living out dreams through children| will do virtually anything to make sure they accomplish what they didn't)

    The pressure can cause anxiety, resulting in emotional abuse to the child, but it can be physical as well

    In an effort to "perfect" their children, mothers participate in regimes such as waxing, tanning, and dieting. 

    A mother of an 8 year old even went so far as giving her daughter botox injections
  6. Slide 5 Beauty pageants, just in general, place a huge value on physical beauty; however, for children, this can cause detrimental effects and it teaches them at an early age what kind of behavior will help them get noticed

    In 2005, a journal titled Eating Disorders published a study by researchers that studied 22 women; 11 who had participated in beauty pageants as a child and 11 who had not. 

    They asked the 2 groups questions related to body image, depression, and self esteem. Former child pageant contestants consistently scored higher in categories such as body dissatisfaction, interpersonal distrust and lack of impulse regulation which are risk factors associated with eating disorders
  7. So the question still remains..
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