Enlightenment Literary Period

  1. Puritan literature focused most often on the topic of religion. What topic did the Enlightenment literature most often focus on?
  2. When did the Enlightenment Period in American literature occur?
    1750 -1800
  3. The  Enlightenment was also called The Age of ?
  4. What forms of literature were popular during this time?

    • poetry
    • Almanak
    • Broad side ballet
  5. What literature was not popular during this time period?
    fiction, religion
  6. Benjamin Franklin
    Wrote: Poor Richards Almanack, Autobiography, Speech in the convention-
  7. Thomas Jefferson
    Declaration Of Independence
  8. Thomas Pain
    Common Sense - link between reason and revolution
  9. Patrick Henry
    Give me liberty or give me death- Speech in Virgin a Convention- denounce king, get colonist to fight
  10. Jean de Crevecoeur
    Letter from and American Framer- farmers view
  11. Noah Webster
    First Dictionary- American new version of language
  12. Olaudah Equiano
    Slave to publish his first autobiography- horrifying account of slaves journey to America
  13. Phillis Wheatley
    Slave who published a book of poetry- graduate from prinstion
  14. What is aphorism
    a short saying with a message.
  15. What is epistle
    public letter
  16. what is a preamble
    Introduction to a formal document
  17. What is a broad side ballet
    a poem written on front and back of a single sheet of paper that addresses a current issue.
  18. who are the greek and European philosphers would influence American politics
    • John Locke- social contract, life ,liberty, property, True justice comes law, legistlative branch-england
    • Thomas Hobbs- men's natural state was war, men evil, monarch nessary -england
    • Jean Jacques Rosseau- wrote social contract further lockes ideas, society influence men to be evil-france
    • Adam Smith- Economic system in America- sctoland
  19. Declaration Of Independence adopted what day
    july 4 1776
  20. 3 Part to the Declaration of independence
    • preamble- introduction to formal document
    • list of grievances
    • declaration
  21. What 2 enduring images/ideas about America did Crevecoeur introduce
  22. what 13 virtues did ben franklin select for moral profection
    temperance, silence, order, resolution, frugality, industry, sincerity, justice, moderation, cleanliness, tranquility, chastity, humility
  23. What lesson did Franklin learn about perfection from this perfection
  24. Who was Silence Dogood
    Ben Franklin
  25. Why did Franklin say " I confess that I do not entirely approve of this constitution at present.
    To show we have to change it and accept it because we all will not agree with everything
  26. simile
    comparison using like or as
  27. metaphor
    comparison without using like or as
  28. repetition
    using the same words or phrases
  29. anaphora
    repetition of word or phrase at the befining of phrase,claus, or line
  30. restatement
    same idea maybe in a different order
  31. parallelism
    sentence construction which places in close proximity two or more equak grammatical construction
  32. paradox
    a seemingly contradictory statement which is actually true. This rhetorical device is often used for emphasis or to attract attention to an issue or idea
  33. alliteration
    repetition of the same sound  beginning several  words in sequence
  34. assonance
    the repetition of vowel sounds
  35. consonance
    repetition of consonant sounds anywhere within words ( not just at the beginning)
  36. Rhetorical question
    figure of speech in the form of a question posed for rhetorical effect rather than for the purpose if getting an answer
  37. antithesis
    opposition or contrast of ideas or words in a balanced or parallel construction
  38. antimetable/ chiasmus
    arrangement of repeated thoughts in the pattern of xyyx often short
  39. anastrophe
    reversal of the usual, logical, or normal order of the parts of a sentence
  40. allusion
    a brief reference to something literary mythological or historical
  41. ethos
  42. logos
    logical support
  43. pathos
    emotional appeal
  44. give me liberty or give me death
    Patrick henery
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