1. 4 Tissue Types
    • Epithelial- inner and outer surfaces
    • Connective- connects parts of body together, encloses and protects organs
    • Nervous- nerve cells and supporting (glial)
    • Muscle- skeletal, cardiac, and smooth
  2. Epithelial cells
    • line inner and outer surfaces
    • ex: skin, inner lining of blood vessels, lining of digestive tract
    • "gate keeper" controls what goes in and out of layer
    • Tight junctions bind them together to keep things out
    • Polarity: exposed to exterior (apical) and interior (basal)
    • 4 Layers: (1 = simple, multiple = stratified) 3 shapes, pseudostratified= looks stratified but not, and transitional- simple as tissue stretches
  3. Squamous Simple Epithelial Cell
    • found where materials cross a membrane
    • flat with disk shaped nucleus
    • allows passage of materials by diffusion where protection isn't important
    • ex: kidney, air sacs of lungs, lining of heart, blood vessels and capillaries
  4. Squamous Stratified Epithelial Cells
    • found where mechanical abrasion occurs
    • protects underlying tissues in areas subject to abrasion
    • keratinized
    • thick layers with an cuboidal or columnar base
    • ex: lining of esophagus, mouth, epidermis of skin
  5. Cuboidal Simple Epithelial Cells
    • single layer of cubelike cells with large nucleus
    • secretion and absorption
    • ex: kidney tubules, ovary, ducts
  6. Columnar Simple
    • single layer of tall cells with round nuclei
    • absorption, secretion of mucous, enzymes
    • some contain cilia or mucous secreting (goblet cells)
    • ex: non ciliated: gallbladder, excretory duct, ciliated: uterus, small bronchi
  7. Pseudostratified Ephithelial Cells
    • single layer of cells with differing heights at different levels
    • for secretion of mucous and cilia
    • ex: male sperm ducts, trachea, respiratory tract
  8. Transitional Ephithelial Cells
    • looks like stratified squamous and cuboidal, surface cells
    • dome shaped
    • stretchy to permit distension of urinary organ by urine
    • lines ureter, bladder, and urethra
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