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  1. Feoderati
    rights of settlement in exchange for military service
  2. Romulus Augustulus
    Western Roman Empire collapsed after he was over in 476
  3. Serf
    Peasant farmers who were tied to the land
  4. Manor
    was the estate of lord and his dependent serfs
  5. *Demense
  6. Vassal
    bestowed land to the feudal overlord
  7. Fief
    essentially the land that the vassal bestowed too
  8. Scutage
    vassals paid their way out of military service through payment known as scutage.
  9. Clovis
    made franks the most powerful people of Europe.
  10. Donation of Pippin
    Pippin gave land to the church in 756
  11. missi dominici
    Royal agents of the king
  12. Alcuin
    Scholars that preserved Greek and Roman knowledge. Founded Charlemagnes palace school
  13. Bede
    was one of great scholars of the middle ages, popularized the B.C/A.D dating system
  14. Anno Domini (A.D)
    In the year of the Lord, Happened before and after Christ
  15. Treaty of Verdun
    Partition of the empire in 843, Charles received France and Louis got Germany.
  16. College of cardinals
    Chose the popes
  17. Lay investiture
    appointment of bishops and other church officials by secular rulers
  18. Concordant of worms
    They settled the Investiture Controversy
  19. Mohammad
    merchant who married a rich widow
  20. Islam
    teachings from Quran (submission to God)
  21. Allah
  22. Quran
    teachings that Mohammed preached to the people of mecca (holy book of islam)
  23. Sunni-
    supported the Umayyad faction, and looked at Quran for ultimate authority.
  24. Shiites
    Supporters of Ali and Abbasid faction, claimed that Mohammed had given divine knowledge to the descendants of Ali.
  25. Summa Theologica
    Book about Aritotles logic and Christian theology, written by *St. Thomas Aquinas.
  26. Domesday book
    used to centralize royal power
  27. Exchequer
    Henry I established a Royal bureau of finance, to keep track of income
  28. Magna Carta
    Signed by john and curbed the power of English kings and stated that the king was also subject to the law
  29. Phillip IV (the fair)
  30. Boniface VIII
    forbidden the clergy to pay any tax to a lay ruler.
  31. Avignon
    Capitol church moved from Rome to Avignon by clement V
  32. *Lollards
  33. The Great Schism
    When pope Gregory XI brought the papacy back to Rome and Italian mob demanded that College of Cardinals elect an Italian pope
  34. *Johann Gutenberg
    Advent of printing press
  35. *Indulgences
    remission of priest imposed penalties for sins
  36. *Predestination
    When god decided ahead of time who would be saved
  37. Primary obligation a vassal owed his lord
    Military Service
  38. The battle of Poitiers
    Pippins IIs son Charles Martel defeated the Muslims
  39. Creation of The Papal States
    Land given to the pope
  40. Rules followed at the monastery of Cluny
    Stood for reform of abuses, high religious standards, and sound economic management.
  41. Settlement of the Investiture Controversy
    Concordant of Worms settled it and emperor could veto his choice by refusing the bishops oath of loyalty.
  42. Ultimate victors of investiture Controversy
    German Princes
  43. Urban II
    Centralized church government.
  44. Dante Alighieri
    Divine Comedy is an imaginary journey through Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven.
  45. Chaucer
    wrote the Canterbury Tales which criticizes the worldly interests of the English of the fourteenth century
  46. Duties of sheriffs in Norman England
    Enforcing the law, collecting taxes and raising an army at the kings request
  47. Henry II and the development of common law
    relied on precedent decisions made in previous cases making it to be more flexible
  48. The Model Parliament of 1295
    Made up of the great barons and major clergy
  49. Importance of the conciliar movement
    stressed that the role of the pope was to maintain the unity and well being of the church
  50. Demographics of the Black Death
    1.4 Million died about 25%
  51. Reactions of people to the plague
    resorted to flagellation, the mutilation of the body as a sign of repentance of sin and some tried to moderate and temperate life.
  52. Primary reason(s) for French failure in the Hundred Years War prior to 1415
    Internal disunity and mediocre leader
  53. The most formidable of weapons used in the Hundred Years War
    English Longbow
  54. Reasons Joan of Arc was able to reverse French fortunes on the battlefield
    England was exhausted
  55. Reasons Joan of Arc was executed
    burned her as a heretic and a witch in 1431
  56. *Luthers beliefs about salvation -
  57. Methods the Catholic Counter-
    Reformation used to combat the Protestant Reformation
  58. 476 A.D
    when Romulus augustulus was overthrown
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