Biophysics- 11. Blood pressure, heart

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  1. - heart functionally represents two simultaneously working pumps
  2. heart represent only one pump with 2 outputs (systemic and pulmonary) – a parallel circuit
  3. in healthy adults at rest systolic (stroke) volume (SV) is approx. 70 ml
  4. - systolic (stroke) volumes of left and right ventricles are essentially the same
  5. - systolic (stroke) volume (SV) of left ventricle is higher than SV of right ventricle
  6. - diastolic (end-diastolic) volume of heart is smaller than its systolic volume (SV)
  7. - diastolic (end-diastolic) volume of ventricle is higher than its systolic volume
  8. - end-systolic volume of ventricles is practically zero
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Biophysics- 11. Blood pressure, heart
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