descending pathways

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  1. Lower motor neuron
    Cell bodies in brain and sc
  2. Upper motor neuron
    Cell bodies in CNS processing center
  3. Anterior corticospinal
    • Voluntary skeletal muscle
    • Yes
  4. Lateral corticospinal
    • Voluntary skeletal muscle (85%)
    • No
  5. Corticobulbar
    Control eye, jaw face, neck
  6. Reticulospinal
    • Subconscious regulation of reflex, maintain muscle tome, visceral functions
    • No
  7. Vestibulospinal
    • Subconscious posture/balance, muscle tone
    • No
  8. Tectospinal
    • Subconscious eye, head, neck, upper limb in response to visual and auditory stimuli; direct reflex changes
    • Yes
  9. Rubrospinal
    • Subconscious muscle tone, precise movement of distal upper limb
    • Yes
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descending pathways
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