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  1. The etiology of aplastic anemia is..
    Bone Marrow Failure
  2. The most common etiology of dementia in the United States is...
    Alzheimer's Disease
  3. Dr. Zambrano ordered a CEA test for Mr. Logan, a 67 yr old African-American male patient. Dr. Zambrano may be considering a diagnosis of...
  4. The preventive of illness through vaccination occurs due to the formation of ...
    Memory cells
  5. Genital warts are caused by...
  6. A patient's history includes the following documentation:
    * small ulcers (chancres) appeared on the    genitalia and resolved after four to  sixweeks 
    * Elevated temperature, skin rash,and enlarged lymph nodes.
    *which procedure will be used to initially diagnose the patient?
    Serology Test
  7. which of the following cells produce histamine in a type 1 hypersensitivity reaction?
    Mast cells
  8. Which one of the following cells produce antbodies?
    Plasma cells.
  9. Which of the following conditions is NOT a predisposing risk associated with essential hypertension?
    Low dietary sodim intake
  10. A patient who is HIV positive, has raised lesions, red or purple in color appearing on the skin, in the mouth, or anywhere on the body. what is the stage of his disease process in today's medical terminolgy?
  11. Each of the following conditions fall under the category of COPD EXCEMPT...
  12. which of the following is a lethal arrhythmia?
    ventricular fibrillation
  13. The drug used to treat to treat bipolar mood swings is ...
    Lithium Carborate
  14. The cause of blindness in the United States is a vision-related pathology caused by diabetes. It is called....
  15. Penicillin is effective in the treatment of all the following disease EXCEPT...
  16. Impetigo can be....
    • A. Spread through autoinoculation. 
    • B. Caused by Streptococcus Pyogenes
  17. Diagnostic testing for meningitis usually involves....
    Cerebrospinal fluid Analysis
  18. which disease is a malignacy of the lymphatic system?
    Hodgkin's Disease
  19. which of the following is a hereditary disease of the cerebral cortex that includes progressive muscle spasticity and mentally impairment leading to dementia?
    Huntington Chorea
  20. which of the following autoimmune disease affects tissues of the nervous systems?
    Myasthenia Gravis
  21. Pain is a symptom of which of the following conditions?
    • First-degree burn ( supedrficial)
    • Second-degree burn (partial thickness)
  22. A 75 yr old patient has a sore tongue with tingling and numnesss of the hands nad feet. She has headaches and is fatigued. Following diagnostic workup, the doctor orders monthly injections of vitamin B12. This pt. most likely has which of the following conditions?
    Pernicious Anemia
  23. which one of the following is NOT a physiological factor in Anemia?
    Loss of Spleen Function
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