Symbols used in CPT coding

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  1. · Bullet
    Bullet is used to indicate a new procedure or service code.
  2. Δ Triangle
    Triangle indicates that the code has been changed or modified.
  3. + plus sign
    Plus sign is used to indicate an add-on code
  4. ⊘ Null sign
    Null symbol is used to identify a modifier -51 exempt code.
  5. > < a left and right triangle
    a right and left triangle indicates the beginning and end of the text changes
  6. ☉ circled bullet
    A circled bullet indicates the code includes moderate sedation
  7. O circle with an arrow
    reference to CPT Assistant, clinical examples in Radiology, and CPT Changes
  8. # The number sign
    The number sign is used to identify codes that have been resequenced and are not placed numerically.
  9. O zero
    O indicates a reinstated/recycled code
  10. Modifiers
    Are two-character codes added to CPT codes to supply specific information about services provided.
  11. Special Reports
    Detailed reports that include adequate definitions or descriptions of the nature, extent, and need for the procedure.
  12. Unlisted procedures
    Procedures that are considered unusual, experimental, or new and does not have an assigned number.
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Symbols used in CPT coding
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