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  1. abut
    to join at one end or be next to; to support, prop up
  2. attire
    clothes, apparel, garb; to dress, adorn, or bedrock
  3. avail
    to be of use or benfit to; to make use of; to make of; to take andvantage of; to profit or benfit; use, benfit, or value
  4. crony
    a very close friend, pal, chum, buddy
  5. cryptic
    puzzling, mystifying, or enigmatic
  6. divergent
    going in different directions; different from each other; departing from convention, deviant
  7. enmity
    hatred, ill-will
  8. fervent
    very earnest, emotional, passionate, extremely hot
  9. gaunt
    thin and bony, starved looking, bare, barren
  10. infiltrate
    to pass through or gain entrance to gradually or stealthily
  11. nullify
    to make of no value or consequense, cancel, wipe out
  12. perceptible
    capable of being grasped by the senses or mind
  13. plummet
    to plunge straight down; a weight fastened to a line
  14. proclaim
    to delcare publicly or offcially
  15. proxy
    an agent; substitute; a written permission allowing one person to act in another's place
  16. rankle
    to cause anger, irritiation, or bitterness
  17. scavenger
    a person who collects or removes usable items from waste materials; an animals that feeds on refuse or dead bodies
  18. stint
    to limit; be sparing or fugal; a limit or restricition; a fixed share of work or duty; a period of a activity
  19. stoical
    self-control, not showing feeling in response to pleasure or pain
  20. unflagging
    tireless, continuing with vigor
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