1. Inflection
    sometimes the form of a word changes when it performs different functions in a sentence or when the word changes its meaning.
  2. what is a "Case"?
    words perform different functions in a sentence. these different functions are called "cases".
  3. What are the different english cases?
    • subjective
    • possessive
    • objective
  4. what is the subjective case?
    • if the word is the subject of the sentence. the subject is that which does the action of the active verb.
    • ex - he is my brother
  5. what is the possessive case?
    • if a word shows possession.
    • ex - his Bible
  6. what is the objective case?
    if a word is the direct object.
  7. what is the direct object?
    • the direct object is the person or thing that is directly affected by the action of the verb. this means that whatever the verb does, it does so to the direct object.
    • ex - the teacher will flunk him.
  8. Number
    singular or plural
  9. Gender
    Masculine, feminine, neuter
  10. Natural Gender
    means that a word takes on the gender of the object it represents. In Greek, pronouns follow natural gender but nouns for the most part do not.
  11. Declensions
    different ways of indicating the same idea.
  12. Parts of Speech
    • noun
    • adjective
    • preposition
    • subject and predicate
    • definite article
    • indefinite article
  13. noun
    a word that stand for something or someone
  14. adjective
    a word that modifies a noun
  15. preposition
    a word that shows the relationship between two other words. it can be spatial ("under") or temporal ("after").
  16. what is the object of the prepostion?
    the word or phrase following the prepostion.
  17. subject and predicate
    • a sentence can be broken down into two parts. The term "subject" describes the subject of the verb and what modifies the subject.
    • Predicate describes teh rest of the sentence, including verb, direct object, etc.
  18. Definite article
    the definite article identifies something in particular.
  19. indefinite article
    does not identify any one particular subject.
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