Flight Reference

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  1. Barometric Altimeter
    uses pitot-static pressure to indicate altitude above sea level
  2. Radar Altimeter
    uses radio echoes to determine altitude above ground level.
  3. Azimuth
    is defined as the angular position or bearing in a horizontal plane usually measured clockwise from true north
  4. Bearing
    is defined as angular position of an object with respect to a reference point or line
  5. Range
    is defined as actual orientation of the aircrafts longitudinal axis at any instance
  6. True Heading
    is the direction of true north
  7. Magnetic Heading
    uses the direction of the earths magnetic field at that location as the reference
  8. Relative Heading
    uses the current direction that an object is facing at the 0/360 azimuth alignment
  9. acronym for VHF
    Very-High Frequency
  10. acronym for UHF
    Ultra-High Frequency
  11. Purpose of VHF/UHF
    To communicate with other aircraft, ground stations, shipping traffic and coastal stations
  12. acronym for AJ
    Anti-Jam Radio
  13. acronym for IAS
    Intercommunication Audio System
  14. Purpose of IAS
    to provide amplification and routing of audio signals between cockpit, ground crew and rear cockpit
  15. acronym for TACAN
    Tactical Air Navigation
  16. Purpose of TACAN
    is to determine the relative bearing and slant range distance to a TACAN ground station or a similar TACAN equipped aircraft
  17. acronym for GPS
    Global Positioning System
  18. Purpose of GPS
    a navigation system that receives reference information from a satellite source
  19. acronym for ARI
    Altitude Reference Indicator
  20. Purpose of ARI
    a self-contained pitch and roll ARI with an electrically driven gyro maintains vertical orientation through use of an electronic erection system
  21. acronym for ILS
    Instrument Landing System
  22. purpose of ILS
    an all weather approach guidance system that provides steering information during an aircraft approach by decoding azimuth and elevation microwave signals received from surface transmitters
  23. Pitot Static System
    measures temperature, and pitot and static pressures surrounding the aircraft
  24. acronym for AFCS
    Automatic Flight Control System
  25. purpose of AFCS
    to provide autopilot and automatic throttle control
  26. acronym for ATC
    Automatic Throttle Control
  27. Airspeed Indicator
    displays airspeed as a function of pitot and static pressure.
  28. Airspeed is indicated in
    10 knots increments from 50-200 knots
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