Voc Tematico Verbs-Regular

  1. agotarse
    to be exhausted, to run out of
  2. alejarse
    to withdraw oneself, to go far away
  3. anorar
    to feel nostalgic for, to miss
  4. apresar
    to capture
  5. asegurar
    to secure, to reassure
  6. atropellar
    to run over
  7. avisar
    to notify
  8. compartir
    to share
  9. debatir
    to debate
  10. delatar
    to accuse, to inform on
  11. derrumbarse
    to crumble
  12. desarrollar
    to develop
  13. desgastar
    to to wear out, to weaken
  14. despejarse
    to clear up
  15. disparar
    to shoot
  16. emanar
    to emanate, to arise from
  17. enamorarse de
    to fall in love with
  18. enterarse de
    to find out
  19. entrevistar
    to interview
  20. escrutar
    to scrutinize, to examine closely
  21. especular
    to ponder, to speculate
  22. filtrar
    to filter
  23. flotar
    to float
  24. infundir
    to infuse, to instill, to inspire
  25. inventar
    to invent
  26. lastimarse
    to get hurt
  27. luchar
    to fight
  28. mejorar
    to improve
  29. ocurrir
    to happen
  30. propiciar
    to appease, to bring about
  31. rastrear
    to track, drag
  32. reclamar
    to make a complaint
  33. recuperarse
    to recover
  34. refugiarse
    to take refuge
  35. remontarse
    to date from
  36. sentenciar
    to sentence
  37. sobrevivir
    to survive
  38. sombrear
    to cast a shadow
  39. soplar
    to blow
  40. subastar
    to auction
  41. sustentar
    to sustain
  42. transcurrir
    to pass, elapse
  43. triunfar
    to triumph, to win
  44. vislumbrar
    to catch a glimpse
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