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  1. a guy named pepe fell inlove w/ issabella
    issabella is rich and pepe is poor.pepe is the choffers son of the maldini  and issabella is a maldini and live in the same house hold
  2. the maldini kicked the gonzalez family out
    19 years pass and la maldini  move to the las lomas and pepe too and lives across from them
  3. nelly pepe's mom lives in auacucho w/ her son lucho and he got married w/ a lady named charro and had 3 kids
    grace , joel and hymito. Nelly got divorced and got married to don Gilberto had a daughter named teresa
  4. in the maldini house hold,issabella got married to Miguel Ignacio de las casas. and had 2 kids Nicholas and Fernanda. peter their butler.Francesca lives there to the head of the maldini family (mother of issabella )
    Bruno and Francesca  are married back in the household of the gonzalez charro received a phone call saying that lucho died . they cried and ran to the lomas the told pepe that if the could stay there to live.pepe was living the with his best friend tito
  5. tito and pepe agreed to live upstair and them downstairs.the maldini hate the gonzalez because of there lower value .grace suddenely fell in love with Nicholas at first sight which wasn't suprising every girl in peru had soething to love him in a way that was weird.
    joel fell in love w/ Fernanda in first sight for no reason he thought she was beautiful, but she at the contrary she thought he was reavoulting. he always sang and danced for her all the time and loved her but she didn't love him  at all but he loved  her very much. she didn't like his dances or how he sang.
  6. Nicholas and grace became friend and went to a club one day but grace got drunk and when she came home everybody was mad at her and got in very big trouble.
    the next day charro and nelly decided to tell Francesca that Nicholas did make grace drunk. Francesca got Nicholas in trouble the next day grace saw Nicholas nd went closer to him and he screamed at her.
  7. will this  affect their friendship?
    who knows read afhs 2 already out to find the whole thing that happened.
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