Accounting Chapter 9

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  1. The cost of a finite-life intangible asset less its residual value
    Amortizable amount
  2. The amount added to the cost of an asset that relates to the retirement of that asset.
    Asset retirement costs
  3. The systematic allocation of the amortizable cost of a finite-life intangible asset over the asset's useful life
  4. A measure of how efficiently a company uses its total assets to generate sales. 

    Calculation = net sales / average total assets
    Asset turnover
  5. A method of depreciation that is used for income tax purposes.
    Claiming it is optional.
    Capital Cost Allowance (CCA)
  6. Expenditures that benefit future periods. They are recorded as long-lived assets.
    Capital Expenditures
  7. An exclusive right granted by the federal government allowing the owner to reproduce and sell an artistic or published work
  8. A model for accounting for a long-lived asset that carries the asset at its cost less accumulated depreciation or amortization, and less any impairment losses
    Cost model
  9. The cost of a depreciable asset (e.g. property, plant and equipment) less its residual value
    Depreciable amount
  10. Assets arising from the application of research to a plan or design for a new or improved product or process for commercial use.
    Development Costs
  11. A contractual agreement under which the franchisor grants the franchisee the right to sell certain products, to render specific services, or to use certain trademarks or trade names, usually within a designated geographic area.
  12. The amount paid to acquire another company that exceeds fair value of the company's net identifiable assets
  13. The amount by which the carrying amount of an asset exceeds its recoverable amount
    Impairment Loss
  14. The excess of the carrying amount of an asset not normally held for resale over the proceeds received from the sale of that asset
    Loss on disposal
  15. Expenditures that benefit only the current period

    They are immediately matched against revenues as an expense
    Operating Expenditures
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