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  1. Semper fidelis.
    Always faithful.
  2. Senatus Populusque Romanus
    The Senate and people of Rome
  3. Stupor Mundi
    Wonder of the world
  4. Ante bellum
    Before the war
  5. Excelsior
    Ever higher
  6. Ora et labora.
    Pray and work.
  7. Mater Italiae-Roma
    The mother of Italy- Rome
  8. Caelum et terra
    Heaven and earth
  9. E pluribus unum
    One out of many
  10. Labor omnia vincit.
    Work conquers all.
  11. Mea culpa
    My fault
  12. Anno Domini
    In the year of our Lord.
  13. Novo ordo seclorum.
    New order of the ages.
  14. Nunc aut numquam.
    Now or never.
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