BA 101

  1. Promotion
    the act of informing or reminding consumers about a specific product or brand
  2. promotion mix
    the combination of promotion methods that a firm uses to increase acceptance of its products
  3. advertising
    the nonpersonal sales presentation communicated through media or nonmedia forms to influence a large number of consumers
  4. brand advertising
    a nonpersonal sales presentations about a specific brand
  5. comparative advertising
    intended to persuade customers to purchase a specific product by demonstrating a brand's superiority by comparision with other competing brands
  6. reminder advertising
    intended to remind consumers of a product's existence
  7. institutional advertising
    a nonpersonal sales presentation about a specific institution's product
  8. industry advertising
    a nonpersonal sales presentation about a specific industry's product
  9. infomercials
    commercials that are televised separately rather than within a show
  10. telemarketing
    the use of the telephone for promoting and selling products
  11. personal selling
    a personal sales presentation used to influence one or more consumers
  12. sales manager
    an individual who manages a group of sales respresentatives
  13. sales promotion
    the set of activities that is intended to influence consumers
  14. rebate
    the potential refund by the manufacturer to the consumer
  15. coupons
    the promotional device used in newspapers, magazines, and ads to encourage the purchase of a product
  16. sampling
    offering free samples to encourage consumers to try a new brand or product
  17. brand loyalty
    the loyalty of consumers to a specific brand over time
  18. premium
    a gift or prize provided free to consumers who purchase a specific product
  19. public relations
    actions taken with the goal of creating or maintaining a favorable public image
  20. news release
    a brief written announcements about a firm provided by that firm to the media
  21. press conference
    an oral announcement about a firm provided by that firm to the media
  22. pull strategy
    firms direct their promotion directly at the target market, and consumers in turn request the product from wholesalers or producers
  23. push strategy
    producers direct their promotion of a product at wholesalers or retailers, who in turn promote it to consumers
  24. promotion budget
    the amount of funds that have been set aside to pay for all promotion methods over a specified period
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