Navy Terms (Slang)

  1. What is "Adrift"?
    Loose from moorings and out of control. (applied to anything lost)
  2. What is the "Aft-End"?
    Near or towards the stern (back end) of the vessel.
  3. What does "All Hands" mean?
    The enitre ships company, both officer and enlisted.
  4. What is an "Allotment"?
    An amount of money a member has coming out of his regular pay.
  5. What does "Aye-Aye" mean?
    Reply to an order or command meaning "I understand and will comply".
  6. What is the "Barracks"?
    Building where Sailors live.
  7. What does "Below" mean?
  8. What is "Brightwork"?
    Brass of shiny metal kept polished rather than painted.
  9. A "Bunk" or "Rack" is a...?
  10. What is a "Buoy"?
    An Anchored float used as an aid to navigation or to mark the location of an object.
  11. "Carry On" means?
    An order to resume work or duties.
  12. To "Cast Off" is to..?
    The throw off; to let go; to unfurl
  13. What is a "Chain Locker"?
    Compartment in which anchor chain is stowed.
  14. what is a "Chit", or a "Chit book"?
    A Coupon or a Receipt book.
  15. The "Chow Hall" or "Mess Deck" is?
    A place to eat.
  16. What is "Colors"?
    Raising or lowing of a national flag, ceremonies held at 0800 and sunset for hoisting and hauling down the national ensign.
  17. What does it mean to "Deep Six"?
    To dispose of by throwing over the side.
  18. What is an "Ensign"? (Two answers)
    A National Flag; Commissioned officer between the rank of Chief Petty Officer and Lieutenant Junior Grade.
  19. "Fast" is..?
    Snugly Secured
  20. What is a "Fathom"?
    A unit of lengthequal to 6 feet used for measuring the depth of water.
  21. what is a "Field day"?
    General cleaning day, usually the day before an inspection.
  22. Who is the "First Lieutenant"?
    Officer responsible to the XO for the deck department / division aboard ship, or the command maintenance.
  23. A "Flag Officer" is what?
    Any commissioned officer in paygrade O-7 or above.
  24. What is the "Galley"?
  25. "Gangway"? (Two answers)
    An opening in a bulkwark or lifeline that provides access to a brow or accommodation ladder; An order meaning to clear the way.
  26. A "Gear Locker" is..?
    A Storage Room
  27. What is "Geedunk"?
    Candy, gum or the cafeteria
  28. What is "General Quarters"?
    Battle Stations
  29. What is the "Ground Tackle"?
    All the equiptment used in mooring or anchoring a ship.
  30. What is a "Hatch"?
  31. What is the "Head"?
  32. What is a "Jack Box"?
    Access box to sound-powered phone circuitry.
  33. What is a "Ladder"?
    A device to allor movement of personnel from one level to another; Stairs
  34. What is "Leave"?
    Authorized Vacation
  35. What is "Liberty"?
    Permission to leave the base, usually not for more than 48 hours.
  36. What is a "Lifeline"?
    Lines erected around the weatherdecks of a ship to prevent personnel from falling or being washed over the side.
  37. What is an "Overhead"?
  38. What is a "Passageway"?
  39. What is "Quarters"?
    Assembling of "all hands" for muster, instruction and inspection.

    (All Hands, another term meaning all of the ships company, both officer and enlisted)
  40. What is a "Rating"?
    A job specialty title.
  41. What is "Reveille"?
    Wake up, start a new day.
  42. What is the "Scullery"?
    Place to wash dishes.
  43. What is the "Scuttlebutt"? (Two answers)
    Drinking fountainl; a rumor
  44. What is the "Sickbay"?
    A Hospital or Mdeical Clinic.
  45. What is a "Swab"?
  46. What is "Taps"?
    Time to sleep, end of day
  47. What is "Tattoo"?
    Five minutes before taps (end of the day).
  48. What does "Topside" mean?
  49. What does "Turn To" mean?
    Begin work
  50. What does "Working Aloft" mean?
    Working above the highest deckl; generally performing maintenance on the ships mast.
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