1. Common types of printers?
    • Laser
    • Inkjet
    • Thermal
    • Impact
  2. Laser, Inkjet, solid ink, and thermal printers are what kind of printing?
    Non impact printing
  3. What kind of printers are impact printers?
    • Dot matrix
    • Daisy wheel
  4. The difference types of feed mechanism.
    • Friction feed
    • Pin feed
  5. What kind of printer produces better quality images and why?
    Laser because it can change the size of the dots in the image, creating a sharper more detailed image
  6. What is the 1st step of the laser printing process?
    Cleaning - photoconductive drum is cleaned
  7. What is the 2nd step of the laser printing process?
    • Conditioning - primary Corona/charge Corona (wire) charges the uniformly condition drum negative. 
    • -600 volt
  8. What is the 3rd step of the laser printing process?
    Writing - the drum is exposed as it rotates, the laser discharges a lower charge to sections that the toner should be applied to
  9. What is the 4th step of the laser printing process?
    Developing - image is developed in the drum through the transfer of negatively charged toner particles onto the section of the drum that has been exposed to the laser
  10. What is the 5th step of the laser printing process?
    Transferring toner - a positive charge is created on the paper to pull the negative toner particles from the drum
  11. What is the 6th step of the laser printing process?
    Fusing - applying pressure and heat to make the image permanent
  12. What kind of printer takes up the last amount of space and prints color fairly cheap?
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