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  1. Salsa de Queso
    cheddar, onion, tomato, jalapeños
  2. Queso fundido
    cabo cheese with tomato and spinach
  3. Salsa Mexicana
    habeneros, garlic, salsa verde and salsa crema
  4. Dynamite Taquitos
    3 taquitos filled with chicken, comes with pico, lettuce, creme, cojita cheese, and ranchero
  5. Nacho Libre
    • corn tortillas with refried black beans, cabo cheese, pico, jalapeños, guac and crema
    • macho nachos: same but with regular black beans
  6. Tuna Tostadas
    rare yellowfin tuna, avacado, red onion, tomato in mago dressing
  7. Cabo wings
    10 wings either chipotle bbq or buffalo
  8. Mexican pizza
    pineapple, cilantro, chorizo, crema, cabo cheese and ranchero sauce
  9. Mahi cerivche
    mahi, onions, jalapenos, orange/lime juice, cilantro
  10. Cabo chile relleno
    • roasted poblano pepper stuffed with chicken, cabo cheese, refried black beans, ranchero sauce and sour cream
    • SPICY!!
  11. Spicy chicken lettuce wraps
    • ground chicken, peanuts, cilantro, ginger soy glaze, shredded carrots, 4 iceberg cups
  12. Jalapeno rellenos
    4 jalapenos stuffed with cabo cheese served crispy with mango sauce or fire roasted with ranchero sauce topped with crema
  13. Beef empanadas
    2 beef and cheese empanadas topped with pico served with yucatan salsa
  14. Mexican shrimp ceviche cocktail
    shrimp, avacado, red onion, cilantro, tomato broth
  15. Chicken tamales
    2 corn tamales with chicken, ranchero or tomatillo sauce
  16. Chimichangas
    chicken, black beans, cheese in two flour tortillas with guac
  17. Popcorn shrimp
    served with spicy orange habanero sauce
  18. SW eggrolls
    2 spring rolls with chicken, black beans, corn, onion, cabo cheese and avocado with tomato chipotle sauce
  19. Cabo avocado
    • avocado stuffed with chicken, cabo cheese and ranchero sauce with bread crumbs, deep fried and topped with crema
  20. Cobb salad
    chipotle ranch
  21. Avocado and tomato salad
    cilantro dressing
  22. mexican chopped salad
    honey chipotle dressing
  23. Cabo taco salad
    chipotle ranch
  24. Avocado shrimp salad
  25. Spinach salad
    mango dressing
  26. antonio burger
    chorizo, sirloin, onion and jalapeños with cabo cheese, guacamole and chipotle mayo
  27. gringo burger
    sirloin, cabo cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion
  28. guajillo steak sandwich
    steak, onion, pepper, mushroom, cabo cheese
  29. veggie wrap
    tortilla filled with mixed greens, avocado, cucumber, tomato, red/green peppers, with chipotle aioli
  30. guajillo chicken sandwich
    chicken, bacon, cabo cheese, jalapenos, refried black beans and avocado
  31. pollo wrap
    chicken, mixed greens, pico and avocado
  32. types of flatbreads
    • chipotle shrimp
    • bbq chicken
    • chorizo and peppers
    • margarita
    • chicken blt
  33. types of fajitas
    • steak
    • veggie
    • chicken
    • shrimp
    • steak and shrimp
  34. types of burritos
    • steak
    • veggie
    • chicken
    • shrimp
    • pork
    • choice of tomatillo, ranchero or mole
  35. types of chimichangas
    • steak
    • chicken
    • pork
    • veggie
    • ground beef
    • shrimp
  36. types of enchiladas
    • cheese
    • shredded beef
    • spinach
    • chicken
    • lobster
    • choice of ranchero, tomatillo or mole
  37. types of combos
    • mexico city
    • puebla
    • oaxaca
    • merida
    • moctezuma
    • acapulco
  38. mexico city combo
    • queso enchilado
    • steak burrito
    • chicken tamales
    • carnitas
  39. puebla combo
    • chicken chile relleno
    • beef taquito
    • carne asada
  40. acapulco combo
    • chicken tostada
    • shrimp diablo
    • mahi taco
  41. oaxaca combo
    • beef taco
    • cheese enchilada
    • chicken burrito
  42. moctezuma combo
    • chicken chile relleno
    • carne asada
    • queso enchilada
  43. merida combo
    • carne asada
    • lobster enchilada
    • shrimp diablo
  44. chimichurri steak
    served with rice, broccoli and plantains
  45. shrimp diablo
    • 6 shrimp in garlic chile de arbol sauce with rice and veggies
    • SPICY!!!
  46. mahi veracruz
    mahi in tomato, olive, onion, peppers and capers with rice and veggies
  47. carnitas
    pork with guacamole, jalapenos, tortillas with rice and beans
  48. carne asada
    steak, refried beans, chile de arbol sauce, guac, onion with rice and plantains
  49. que pasta
    penne with chicken, chorizo and bacon in tequila cream sauce
  50. shrimp and tilapia tejana
    tilapia and bacon wrapped shrimp with chipotle cream sauce with rice and broccoli
  51. chipotle ribs
    ribs in chipotle mustard glaze with charro beans and corn
  52. chicken mole
    chicken in a mole poblano sauce with rice and plantains
  53. pork loins
    chimichurri pork with corn and spinach
  54. brocheta de camaron
    shrimp, pineapple, onion, tomato, jalapenos on skewers with garlic wine sauce and rice
  55. mexican rubbed chicken
    chicken rubbed in mexican spices with corn salsa and rice
  56. carne de cabo
    ny strip with ancho-demi, mushrooms with rice and charro beans
  57. types of quesadillas
    • chicken(pancho villa)
    • bbq chicken
    • buffalo chicken
    • shrimp
    • steak
    • flaca(veggie)
    • lobster
    • cheeseburger
  58. types of tacos/chalupas
    • veggie
    • chicken
    • pork
    • steak
    • mahi (fried or grilled)
    • ground beef
    • combo (3)
    • shrimp
  59. cabo light tacos
    • chicken
    • shrimp
    • veggie
    • grilled mahi
  60. pechuga
    • grilled chicken with broccoli and black beans
    • pescado: same but with mixed veggies
  61. cabo light fajitas
    • chicken
    • shrimp
    • veggie
  62. light pork loin
    marinated and seared comes with mixed veggies and black beans
  63. light ny strip
    lean steak with broccoli and black beans
  64. breakfast burrito
    scrambled eggs, avocado, black beans, bacon and cabo cheese with salsa
  65. breakfast quesadilla
    bacon, scrambled eggs, peppers and onions
  66. carnitas hash
    carnitas, 2 poached eggs in poblano cream sauce
  67. eggs on a horse
    two poached eggs on cornbread with hollandaise sauce and avocado
  68. breakfast burger
    antonio burger with bacon, fried egg and cheese
  69. cabo cure skillet
    home fries with onions, 2 fried eggs, peppers, cheese and jalapeños
  70. chilaquiles
    • corn chips with black beans, red onion, cotija and crema
    • choice of tomatillo or ranchero
  71. breakfast tacos
    • steak
    • steak and egg
    • pork
    • shrimp
    • bacon and egg
    • comes with rice and beans
  72. breakfast sides
    • bacon
    • pancakes
    • eggs (1 or 2)
    • avocado
    • corn bread
    • guac
    • home fries
  73. burrito bowls
    • steak
    • pork
    • shrimp
    • chicken
  74. cabo create your own (you pick two)
    cup of soup, salad, spring roll, enchilada, empanada, taco, chalupa, chicken tamale, quesadilla, popcorn shrimp, nachos, dynamite taquito and wings
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