Chapter 16-17 Quiz

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  1. What made slavery profitable?
    The cotton gin
  2. % of World’s Cotton made by South
    more than half
  3. Country dependent on South’s cotton
  4. Nickname for poor and why they supported slavery
    • “poor white trash"
    • “hillbillies” 
    • “clay-eaters” 
    • hoped to own a slave or two some day
    • always “outranked” Blacks
  5. # of Free Blacks By 1860
  6. Prohibitions on Free Blacks
    • working in certain occupations 
    • forbidden from testifying against whites in court
    • right to vote 
    • public schools
  7. Religious Beliefs of Africans
    • mixed the Christian religion with their own native religion
    • sang Christian hymns as signals and codes 
    • sang songs that emphasize bondage
  8. What were the three Slave Rebellions
    • Gabriel in Richmond, Virginia
    • 1822 Charleston rebellion led by Denmark Vesey
    • 1831 revolt preacher Nat Turner in South Carolina
  9. American Colonization Society
    founded for the purpose of transporting Blacks back to Africa
  10. Republic of Liberia in 1822
    founded for Blacks to live
  11. William Lloyd Garrison
    published the first edition of The Liberator, an abolitionist newspaper, triggering a 30-year war of words and in a sense firing one of the first shots of the Civil War
  12. Sojourner Truth
    Black woman who fought for black emancipation and women’s rights
  13. Frederick Douglass
    great speaker and fought for the Black cause despite being beaten and harassed
  14. Gag resolution
    • all antislavery appeals to be tabled without debate
    • aroused the anger of northerners
  15. Reasons abolition is slow to take off in the
    • Many abolitionists’ speeches provoked violence and mob outbursts in the North
    • 1834 trashing of Lewis Tappan’s New York House
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