Directional Terminology

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  1. ventral
    toward front of body
  2. dorsal
    toward back of body
  3. caudad (caudal)
    toward tail
  4. cephalad
    toward head
  5. proximal
    closest point of origin
  6. visceral
    toward internal organ; away from outer wall. (organ covered with visceral layer of the membrane)
  7. parietal
    toward wall; away from internal structures. (abdominal cavity lined with parietal peritoneal membranes)
  8. Medullary
    refers to an inner region; or medulla. (medullary portion of organ, contains nerve tissue)
  9. adduction
    drawing toward middle
  10. abduction
    drawing away from middle
  11. afferent
    sent toward center; afferent nerves carry impulses to central nervous system.
  12. efferent
    send away from center; efferent nerves carry info away from CNS to muscles/ glands/
  13. eversion
    turning inward
  14. extension
    limb moves into a straight position
  15. flexion
    movement which limb is bent (making a fist)
  16. inversion
    turning inward
  17. plantar flexion
    pointing toes downward
  18. prone
    lying on face
  19. rotation
    turning on an axis. (head turn from side to side)
  20. supine
    lying face up
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