1950's Vocab-Stephen

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  1. 38th Parallel
    • Dividing line between N and S Korea
    • Soviets had N while US had S
    • Strongly reflects current borders
  2. Inchon
    • South Korean port city
    • General MacArthur invaded it and moved west to cut the invading North Koreans' army in two
  3. Matthew Ridgeway
    • Korean War Commander
    • Commanded 8th division and mounted a counter-offensive to advancing Chinese troops using artillery
    • Later became the primary commander of UN troops after MacArthur was fired
  4. Adlai Stevenson
    • Former governor of Illinois
    • Ran in the 1952 election as the democratic nominee but lost badly to Ike
  5. DMZ
    The de facto buffer border between North and South Korea created in the Korean Armistice Agreement
  6. John Foster Dulles
    • Helped created the "Peace of Reconciliation" treaty for Japan
    • Former advisor to the state department
    • SoS under Eisenhower
    • Reduced foreign military presence
    • Creator is Brinkmanship
    • Initially opposed to containment
    • Pactomania (SEATO, Taiwan pact, METO, etc.)
  7. H-Bomb/ Edward Teller
    Creator of the H-Bomb
  8. Military Industrial Complex
    • America's massive interventionist policies
    • Economic and Military aid and involvement abroad
    • Dubbed by Eisenhower
    • Hard to reign in
  9. Brinkmanship
    John Foster Dulles' foreign policy which used nuclear deterrence supported by "Massive Retaliation"
  10. Massive Retaliation
    • Part of nuclear deterrence
    • US claimed it would respond with full force to a military attack by any enemy
  11. SEATO
    • Pactomania
    • South East Asia Treaty Organization
    • Eng., Fr., New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand
    • Functioned similar to NATO
    • Served as an alliance to prevent the spread of communism
  12. Pactomania
    • John Foster Dulles' foreign policy plan to prevent the spread of communism using alliances
    • SEATO, Taiwan pact, METO
  13. Gamel Nasser
    • Egyptian leader who plotted to overthrow the Egyptian monarchy in 1952 and took the office of president in 1956
    • He had a neutral policy towards the cold war, which upset many Western nations
    • Attempted to nationalize the Suez Canal, which led to the Suez Canal Crisis
  14. King Farouk
    • Former leader of Egypt
    • Dethroned by Gamel Nasser
  15. Premier Mossadegh
    • Leader of Iran who attempted to nationalize their oil industry
    • CIA unseated him and put the Shah of Iran in his place after Eng. offered to split the oil form Iran 50/50 with America
  16. Nikita Khrushchev
    • New leader of USSR following Stalin
    • Committed to "destalinization" at first
    • Supported "peaceful coexistence" at first, which led to a detaunt
    • Purges and other abominable acts still continued under him
    • Kitchen Debates
    • Spirit of Geneva (DISNEY!!!)
    • After U-2 he became a hardliner with America
  17. Peaceful Coexistance
    • Khrushchev wanted to create a detaunt
    • He pulled his troops out of Austria
  18. McCarthy vs. Ike
    • Eisenhower strongly disapproved of McCarthy's actions when it came to rooting out communists and consided him to be a demagogue
    • McCarthy even called General Marshall, one of Eisenhower's good friends, a communist
    • Eisenhower refused to publicly denounce McCarthy because he did not believe in political mud-slinging
  19. Plessy v Fergusson
    • "Separate but equal"
    • 1996
    • upheld segregation and Jim Crow laws
    • prompted many civil rights movements
  20. Warren Court
    • 1953-1969
    • Earl Warren Chief Justice
    • Pinnacle of judicial power
    • Ended segregation and mandatory prayer in schools
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