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  1. where does the proprioception system derive info
    • from receptors inthe muscles, skin and joints and uses these sensory inputs to¬†
    • 1. determine where our limbs are in space
    • 2. determine the amplitude and velocity of limb movements
  2. what are the most influential receptors in regards to proprioception?
    muscle receptors are an efficient source of info for proprioception, but the receptors in the skin and joints also contribute
  3. what are the physical stimuli for the auditory, vestibular, visual and chemical senses systems
    • as-sound
    • vs-balance
    • vis-vision
    • cs-taste and smell
  4. what does the vestibular system specifically detect
    • head movements which is used by the nervous system to:
    • 1. Help control balance through the generation of postural reflexes that keep the head erect (jumping)
    • 2. see clearly while moving by keeping the eye pointed toward a desired target (walking)
    • 3. facilitate spatial orientation by signaling the direction of gravity and keeping track of short-distance changes in position (somersault)
    • 4. prepare for fight or flight in an emergency (getting ready to go if need be)
  5. what specifically does chemical senses detect
    • taste
    • smell
    • common chemical sense (irritation)
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