Final 3

  1. Chagrin
    Humiliation; embarrassed disapponintment
  2. Deride
    To ridicule; to laugh at contemptuously
  3. Emigrate
    To leave a country permanently
  4. Fidelity
    Faithfulness; loyalty
  5. Gregarious
    Sociable; enjoying the company of others
  6. Hypothetical
    Uncertain; unproven
  7. Imperial
    Like an emperor or an empire
  8. Bucolic
    Charmingly rural; rustic; country-like
  9. Didactic
    Intended to teach; morally instructive; pedantic
  10. Extrapolate
    To project or deduce from something known; to infer
  11. Guile
    Cunning; duplicity; artfulness
  12. Impervious
    Not allowing anything to pass through; impenetrable
  13. Impugn
    To attack; especially to attack the truth or integrity of something
  14. Ardent
    Passionate; enthusiastic
  15. Bureaucracy
  16. Diffident
    Timid; lacking in self-confidence
  17. Gauche
    Unskillful; awkward; maladroit
  18. Illicit
    Illegal; not permitted
  19. Largess
    Generous giving of gifts; generosity; philanthropy
  20. Arduous
    Hard; difficult
  21. Bereaved
    Deprived or left desolate; especially through death
  22. Latent
    Present but not visible or apparent; potential
  23. Loquacious
    Talking a lot or too much
  24. Burgeon
    To expand; to flourish
  25. Finesse
    Skillful maneuvering; subtlety; craftiness
  26. Incessant
  27. Lucid
    Clear; easy to understand
  28. Dilettante
    Someone with superficial knowledge of the arts; an amateur; a dabbler
  29. Chicanery
    Trickery; deceitfulness; artifice; especially legal or political
  30. Culpable
    Deserving blame; Guilty
  31. Hegemony
    Leadership, especially in one nation over another
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