Final 2

  1. Edify
    To enlighten; to instruct; especially in moral or religious matters
  2. Faction
    A group, usually a small part of a larger group, united around some cause; disagreement within an organization
  3. Labyrinth
    A maze; something like a maze
  4. Blasphemy
    Irrelevance; an insult to something held sacred; profanity
  5. Celibacy
    Abstinence from sex
  6. Elicit
    To bring forth; to call out
  7. Grandiose
    Absurdly exaggerated
  8. Homogeneous
    Uniform; made entirely of one thing
  9. Immutable
  10. Laconic
    Using few words, especially to the point of seeming rude
  11. Blatant
    Unpleasantly or offensively noisy; glaring
  12. Censure
    To condemn severely for doing something bad
  13. Elliptical
    Oval; missing a few words; obscure
  14. Empirical
    Relying on experience on observation; not merely theoretical
  15. Fastidious
    Meticulous; demanding; finicky
  16. Gratuitous
    given freely; unjustified; unprovoked; uncalled for
  17. Impartial
    Fair; not favoring one side or another; unbiased
  18. Absolve
    To forgive or free from blame; to free from sin; to free from obligation
  19. Blight
    A disease in plants; anything that injures or destroys
  20. Depreciate
    To express disapproval of
  21. Elusive
    Hard to pin down; evasive
  22. Fetter
    To restrain; to hamper
  23. Gravity
  24. Lampoon
    To satirize; to mock; to parody
  25. Blithe
    Carefree; cheerful
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