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  1. Describe laminar airflow
    Area of the boundary layer where air molecules flow smoothly within the streamline
  2. What force opposes and controls the adverse pressure gradient?
    The kinetic energy of the relative wind
  3. Boundary layer separation
    • Point in streamline where airflow no longer adheres to the airfoil
    • Cause: Decreasing ration of kinetic energy vs adverse pressure gradient
  4. What is the point of stall on a CL curve?
  5. What is the definition of a stall?
    Condition in flight where increase in AOA results in a decrease in CL
  6. What is the key difference between the aircraft's stall AOA and stall airspeed?
    Stall AOA remains constant - stall airspeed is variable
  7. What are the factors associated with increased thrust that impact stall characteristics?
    Vertical thrust component and propeller acceleration factor
  8. What are the two major classifications of stalls?
    Power-on stall and power-off stall
  9. Which type of stall will have the lowest stall airspeed?
    power-on stall
  10. Which flight control would you normally expect to be least effective during a stall/stall recovery?
  11. Which aircraft would stall at a higher indicated airspeed?
    heavier aircraft
  12. Which aircraft would stall at a higher true airspeed?
    The aircraft which has the higher altitude
  13. How do you think increased G loading will affect stall airspeed?
    Stall airspeed increases
  14. If maintaining level flight, what happens to stall airspeed as you increase bank angle?
    Stall airspeed increases because of the increase in load factor needed to maintain level flight
  15. What is the effect of increased weight on stall airspeed?
    Stall airspeed will increase
  16. Higher G loading and higher bank angle = ____ stall airspeed
  17. What is the basic function of a boundary layer control device?
    To suppress boundary layer separation
  18. What effect does increasing the AOA have on the kinetic energy of the relative wind?
    Decreases it
  19. What are the benefits provided by boundary layer control devices?
    • Increased maneuvering capability
    • Decreased landing speed and distance
  20. What is the only reason the T6 will stall?
    Exceeding stall AOA
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