Chapter 18 Vocabulary History

  1. *The policy of Military preparedness and building up of weapons
  2. *Alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy
    *Triple Alliance
  3. Alliance between Great Britain, France and Russia
    Triple Entente
  4. Each nation or alliance had equal strength
    Balance of Power
  5. Alliance of Austria-Hungary and Ottoman Empire
    Central Powers
  6. *Great Britain, France and Russia are all Allies
    *Allied Powers
  7. *British ship that sunk by a German U-Boat in 1915
  8. Fighting from trenches
    Trench Warfare
  9. *Not being involved in the affairs of other nations
  10. Small submarines
  11. The promise not to sink merchant vessels
    Sussex Pledge
  12. *Proposed alliance between Germany and Mexico
    *Zimmerman Note
  13. Required men between 21 and 30 to register to be drafted
    Selective Service Act
  14. Troop transport ships surrounded by destroyers or cruisers for protection
    Convoy Systems
  15. People who seek the equal distribution of wealth and the end of all private property
  16. *Form of loan to the government
    *Liberty Bonds
  17. They judged disputes between workers and management
    National War Labor Board
  18. Created by President Wilson to maximize national loyalty and support for WWI
    Committe on Public Info
  19. *Posters, Newspapers, speeches...
  20. Court case that explained the limits of the 1st Amendment
    Schenck V. U.S.
  21. *Wilson's plan for peace
    *Fourteen Points
  22. *Right of people to decide their own political status
  23. *Organization of nations that worked together to settle disputes, protect democracy, and prevent future wars
    *League of Nations
  24. *President Woodrow Wilson
    British Prime Minister David George
    French Premier Georges Clemenceau
    Italian Prime Minister Vittorio Orlando
    *The Big Four
  25. *Payments for damages and expenses of the war
  26. *Ended WWI
    Required Germany to pay huge war reparations and established the League of Nations
    *Treaty of Versailles
  27. *Heir to Austro-Hungarian throne
    Assinated by Gavrilo Princip
    *Archduke Franz Ferdinand
  28. *Wanted the colonies for Germany
    *Kaiser William II
  29. *Newspaper reported and political reformer
    *George Creel
  30. *British prime Minister
    *David George
  31. French Premier
    Georges Clemanceau
  32. Head of Committee of Foreign Relations
    Henry Lodge
  33. *Wall street business leader
    *Bernard Baruch
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