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  1. Abash
    To make ashamed; to embarrass
  2. Cacophony
    Harsh-sounding of words, voices, or sounds
  3. Daunt
    To make fearful; to intimidate
  4. Ebullient
    Boiling; bubbling with excitement; exuberant
  5. Garrulous
    Talkative; Chatty
  6. Hackneyed
    Overused; trite; stale
  7. Judicious
    Exercising sound judgement
  8. Bane
    Poison; torment; cause of harm
  9. Cadence
    Rhythm; the rise and fall of sounds
  10. Dearth
    Lack; scarcity
  11. Eccentric
    Not conventional; a little kooky; irregular
  12. Facetious
    Humorous; not serious; clumsily humorous
  13. Gesticulate
    To make gestures, especially when speaking or in place of speaking
  14. Hapless
  15. Bastion
    Stronghold; fortress; fortified place
  16. Cajole
    To persuade someone to do something he or she doesn't want to do
  17. Capitulate
    To surrender; to give up or give in
  18. Eclectic
    Choosing the best from many sources; drawn from many sources
  19. Glut
    Surplus; overabundance
  20. Harbinger
    A forerunner; a signal of
  21. Idiosyncrasy
    A peculiarity; an eccentricity
  22. Aberration
    Something not typical; a deviation from the standard
  23. Beget
    To give birth to; to create; to lead to; to cause
  24. Callow
  25. Debauchery
    Wild living; excessive intemperance
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