LA2: Equine Parasites

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  1. What parasite most is the most common large strongyle?
    Strongylus vulgaris
  2. Where does Strongylus vulgaris travel to for 6 mo?
    mesenteric artery
  3. Symptoms of Strongylus vulgaris:ITCD
    • itis
    • thrombosis
    • colic
    • death by impaction
  4. What do large strongyle eggs resemble?
    hookworm eggs
  5. How many species of small strongyles affect horses?
    What is the most common one?
    • >50 species
    • Cyathestones
  6. Do small strongyles migrate?
  7. Where are small strongyles found then?
    they encyst in the cecum and can become dormant
  8. How do dormant small strongyles react to dewormers?
    they are not affected making them hard to kill
  9. What are the symptoms of small strongyles?
    • d+
    • colic less common
  10. What is the threadworm of horses?
    Strongyloides westeri
  11. Symptoms of Strongyloides westeri:DROS
    • D+
    • rare w/ adults
    • only activated w/ lactation\
    • self limiting
  12. MOI Strongyloides westeri
    ingestion of milk or feces
  13. Who commonly gets Strongyloides Westeri?
    • foals 2-4 mo
    • immunity w/ age
  14. What is the equine roundworm?
    Parascaris equorum
  15. Symptoms of Parascaris equorum?CPID
    • C+
    • pneumonia
    • intestinal blockge
    • dec performance
  16. MOI Parascaris equorum
    c+ up and swallowed
  17. Who gets Parascaris equorum?
    horses < 2yrs
  18. What is the pinworm of horses?
    oxyuris equi
  19. The female of Oxyuris ewui lives in the _ and migrates out to the _ to lay eggs on the _.
    • cecum
    • sphincter
    • rectum
  20. Symptoms of Oxyuris equi:RI
    • rat tail
    • itching
  21. Dx for Oxyuris equi
    cellophane tape
  22. There are 3 types of tapeworms found in the horse, but which is the most common?
    Anocephala perfoliata
  23. Where does Anocephala perfoliata attach?
    the ileocecal junction
  24. Symptoms of Anocephala peroliata:IC
    impaction colic
  25. MOI of Anocephala perfoliata
    mites in hay/grass
  26. What is the name of the fly that causes Bots?
    Gastrophilus intestinalis
  27. Symptoms of Gastrophillus intestinalis:SUMMP
    • stomach irritation
    • ulcers
    • melena
    • mouth irritation
    • pain
  28. With bots the horse licks the eggs of of their hair and the eggs hatch in its mouth and migrate to......
    the stomach
  29. Onchocerca is what?
    a nematode
  30. What is onchocerca of horses?
    Onchocerca cervicalis
  31. How in Onchocerca cervicalis spread?
  32. Where is the dermatitis caused by Onchocerca cercicalis found?
    ventral midline and face
  33. What is another symptom of Onchocerca cervicalis?
    uveitis/ moon blindness
  34. Where does Onchocerca cervicalis live before it travels to the dermis?
    nuchel ligament of the neck
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