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  1. The one think to remember!!!
    Lemon grass is stimulating and refreshing for muscles and skin
  2. When not to use
    Lemon grass is not toxic but may irritate the skin
  3. Conditions/systems able to benefit : 6
    6. Immune system – reduces fever
  4. Conditions/systems able to benefit : 5
    respiratory – antiseptic affect on infections, sore throats, laryngitis
  5. Conditions/systems able to benefit : 4
    4. Skin – tonifies open pores, acne, oily skin; insect repellent
  6. Conditions/systems able to benefit : 3
    Nervous - stimulates, revives, energises the emotions and relieves stress-related conditions and nervous exhaustion
  7. Conditions/systems able to benefit : 2
    • Skeletal –useful for aching joints, gout, rheumatism
    • Muscular –tonifies aching muscles, tired legs and veins, relieves muscle fatigue; useful for sport injuries
  8. Conditions/systems able to benefit : 1
    1. Digestive – stimulates appetite, relieves indigestion and gastro-enteritis
  9. Therapeutic actions:
    • Antidepressant     antiseptic
    •  astringent            stimulant
    •  tonic                   uplifting
  10. Chemical make up:
    Aldehyde - common in lemon-scented oils, antiseptic, sedative, anyi-inflammatory, can cause skin sensitivity
  11. Extraction by:
    Steam distillation
  12. Part used to make oil:
    Leaves of the grass ( fresh and partly dried )
  13. Where from:
    Asia, West Indies, East India
  14. Family:
    Poaceae (Gramineae) - refreshing
  15. Lemon grass
    Botanical name:
    Cymbopogon Citratus
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