1. The one think to remember!!!
    The whole body can benefit from lavender. It is an all -rounder, usefull for treating all conditions as well as relaxing and balancing the whole body
  2. When not to use
    Neither toxic or irritating
  3. Conditions/systems able to benefit : 5
    • 5. Respiratory – relaxes breathing, eases
    • bronchitis, larygitis; antiviral effect on flu and colds
  4. Conditions/systems able to benefit : 4
    4. Circulatory – lowers high blood pressure and other tress – related conditions such as palpitations
  5. Conditions/systems able to benefit : 3
    • 3. Skeletal– eases rheumatism
    • 3. Muscular – soothes and relieves aches, pains and sprains (alovera +drops)
  6. Conditions/systems able to benefit: 2
    2. Nervous – BALANCES EMOTIONS, lifts depression, relieves stress, insomnia and anxiety; relieves headaches, migraine, tension, shock
  7. Conditions/systems
    able to benefit : 1
    1. Skin-effective for use on all skin types and conditions – balances seabum in oily skin,  promotes skin growth and rapid healing for scars and stretch marks, antiseptic for insect bites and stings, burns, sunburns, wounds, healing for dermititis and psoriasis (compress, cream)
  8. Therapeutic actions:
    • analgesic          Anti-inflammatory
    • antiseptic          antispasmotic
    • antiviral            alancing cooling
    • detoxifying        fungisidal
    • hypotensive       relaxing
    • sedative            tonic
  9. Chemical make up:
    Ester (relaxive, fungisidal, sedative, anti-inflammatory)
  10. Extraction by:
    Steam destilation
  11. Part used to make oil?
    • The flowers, but the
    • tops, leaves and the stems as well
  12. Lavender (true)
    where does it come from?
    Mediterranean countries, especially France; England
  13. Lavender (true)
    • Lamiaceae (labiatae)
    • uplifting mind and body
  14. Lavender (true)
    botanical name
    Lavendula angustifolia
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