On Campus revie 2

  1. What is the main funtion of the DNA?
    Is to store genetc information
  2. What is the funtion of the RNA?
    Is enable cells to use the protein-encoding information in DNA.
  3. What does a modified RNA nucleotide do?
    the Adenoside Triphosphate (ATP) carries the energy that cells use in many biological funtions.
  4. What happen when a structure of a protein is modified enough to destroy its funtion?
    Is Denatured
  5. What contains all the hydrogens it possible can?
    A saturated fatty acid
  6. Who has at least one double bond between carbon atoms?
    A unsaturated fat
  7. Which are unsaturated fats whose fatty acid tails are straight, non kinked?
    The trans fats
  8. What is thesimpliest more ancient form of life, and are the organism that are lack of nucleus?
  9. Which are the cells that contain a nucleus and other membranous?
  10. Caracteristics of the Domain Eukaryotic
    • Cell type: Eukaryotic
    • Nucleus: present
    • Membrane-bounded organelels: Present
    • Membrane chemistry: Fatty acids
    • Cell wall Chemistry: Cellulose of chitin
  11. Characteristics of the domain Archea:
    • Cell type: Prokaryotic
    • Nucleus: absent
    • Membrane-bounded organelels:
    • Membrane chemistry: Non Fatty acid lipids
    • Cell wall Chemistry: pseudopeptidoglycan or protein
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