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  1. Four DBMS operations
    • Read - to retrieve information
    • Insert - write data onto the database
    • Modify - change, update data in database
    • Delete - remove data from database
  2. SQL
    • Structured Query Language
    • Scriptive language
    • MySQL based on SQL
  3. SQL
    • International Standard
    • Allows users to interactively interrogate the database, analyze its data and update it according to the users privilege on the data
    • DBMS will know what to do with SQL statement
  4. Forms
    used to read, insert, modify, and delete data
  5. Reports
    • Show data in structured context
    • May compute values such as totals, within a report
  6. Queries
    • a means of getting answers from a database data
    • Data manipulation
  7. Why are Database Application Programs needed?
    • Process logic specific for a business need
    • Enable processing via Internet
    • Responds to events, such as user pressing submit button
  8. Entity-Relationship Data Model
    • Tool for constructing data models
    • Describes contents of data model by defining entities and relationships among entities
    • Used by developers to describe contents of a data model by defining entities to be stored in a database and relationships among those entities
    • Unified Modeling language (UML), less popular, tool for modeling, mostly used in programing
  9. Crow's - Foot
    Vertical Bar means
    at least one entity of that type is required
  10. Crow's - Foot
    Oval means
    • minimum cardinality
    • indicates optional relationship
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