Global china

  1. Name 5 achievement made from the Chinese civilization
    • Some examples are...
    • compass
    • caligraphy
    • silk
    • porcelain
    • cross bow
    • toilet paper
  2. List 4 physical features of China
    • Himalaya mountains (supplied food, water, and protection)
    • Yellow River (carries rich yellow silt)
    • Gobi Desert (protection)
    • Yangtze River
  3. How has China's geography affected the location of its early civilization?
    • Isolated China
    • Only 10% of land was fertile for farming
    • Only one child per family
    • Majority of people lived in the east for rivers
  4. What isolated China from other parts of Asia?
    Mountains, deserts, plateau, and seas.
  5. Describe the political and social structure of china
    • Kings and Priests
    • Aristocrats and landowners
    • Peasants and farmers
    • Merchants and artisans
    • Slaves

  6. Describe the basic principle of the Mandate of Heaven
    claim that the chinese king of the zhou dynasty had direct authority to rule from the gods in heaven.
  7. What happened after the Zhou dynasty collapsed?
    The kingdom was divided into several small territories which evolved into powerful starts which challenged Zhou rulers.  Civil war broke out.
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