Spanish A 22_2

  1. It it is necessary
    si es necesario
  2. right there
    ahi mismo
  3. the first one
    en el primero
  4. I am going to examine your teeth
    voy a examinarle los dientes
  5. open the mouth
    abra la boca
  6. where is the pain
    donde le duele
  7. where does it hurt you
    donde le duele a Ud
  8. here or here
    aqui o aqui
  9. It appears to me the root has died
    me parece que murio la raiz
  10. for to verify
    para comprobarlo
  11. I am going to take an x ray
    voy a sacarle una radiografia
  12. It it is necessary
    si es necesario
  13. I'll do a root canal

    (I'll make a filling of the root)
    Le hago un empaste de la raiz
  14. Filling of the root
    empaste de la raiz
  15. can I ask you something doctor
    puedo preguntarle algo, doctor
  16. are you pulling the tooth
    hay que arrancarme la muela
  17. of course not
    claro que no
  18. poner
    to put, to place
  19. don't be nervous
    no se ponga Ud. nerviosa

    • ponga (poner to put, place)
    • don't put you nervous
    • ne se ponga Ud. nerviosa
  20. Your teeth are in good condition
    sus dientes estan en buenas condiciones
  21. you have little cavities
    tuvo pocas caries
  22. the gums are healthy
    les encias estan sansa
  23. it appears you take good care of your teeth
    parece que cuida muy bien de los dientes
  24. to take care of

    cuidar de (to look after)
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