Barricaded subject and hostage incident

  1. What is the definition of a Barricaded Subject
    Any individual who is reasonably believed to be a threat to commit serious bodily injury or death to hostages, officers, themselves or others in the community, and who is in a stronghold position.
  2. Whats the definitions of a "hostage"
    Any person held by another against their will by force or threat of force, expressed or implied
  3. The strategy for response to a hazardous incident (environment disaster/ barricaded subject) is to
  4. During a barricaded subject incident, what the primary GOAL ?

    A- Preservation of property
    B- The preservation of human life 
    C- Stop the threat
    B- The preservation of human life
  5. What is the HIERARCHY OF HUMAN LIFE as it relates to barricaded subject incidents
    • 1-Lives of hostages.
    • 2-Lives of innocent citizens caught in the area.
    • 3-Lives of Police Officers.
    • 4-Lives of suspects/barricaded subject.
  6. If there are hostages involved during a barricaded incident, then our primary goal is
    the safe release of these victims
  7. in regards to possible hostages. It must be understood that we will do all we reasonably can, which includes negotiation whenever possible, to safeguard all lives. 

    Name the guilding criteria when determining if the suspect has hostages
    Does the suspect(s) in fact, have a hostage(s)?

    Does the suspect(s) indicate the intent to seriously harm or kill the hostage(s)?

    Can the fact that the suspect(s) is armed or has the potential for killing the hostage(s) be reasonably verified?
  8. If the barricaded subject has hostages, then in the interest of persevering the victims life. What decision will be made ?
    • To neutralize the hostage taker in the interest of the lives of the hostages.  
    • consideration will be given to innocent bystanders and the lives of involved officers should be made
  9. During an barricaded subject incident what is  the second priority in terms of the life hierarchy.
    The lives of innocent citizens caught in the area become the the next priority
  10. We recognize the sanctity of all life, and will take all reasonable action to preserve all life. We will not, however,
    endanger other innocent lives in an attempt to preserve a suspect's. To do so would be unethical
  11. What length of time during a barricaded subject incident that doesn't  involve hostages should be given before physical means are taken to induce a surrender ?
    As long as negotiation is ongoing and "productive," this non-evasive action should be the primary tactic
  12. Why is TIME not always on our side during nonproductive  barricaded incidents
    Delay can allow the suspect time to develop clandestine barriers and traps to apply against the police 

    and take a physical toll on Swat Officers
  13. All reasonable efforts should be made to prompt the suspect's surrender prior to
    Aggressive action
  14. What are the first responding Officers responsibilities when confronting an hostage/barricaded incident

    4 major steps
    1- Officers shall not initiate tactical actions other than to protect the lives and safety of themselves or others  

    2- Notify a supervisor of the incident/ circumstances.

    3- Contain and isolate the incident scene,(inner/outer containment perimeter)

    4- evacuate innocents nearby
  15. Whenever clearly met criteria occur, such as a hostage situation, the SWAT team should be immediately mobilized by the order of 

    Sergeant's Responsibilities 

    A- The Sgt makes that decicion 
    B- The SWAT commander 
    C- The On duty Patrol Capt or Incident Capt
    C- On duty Patrol Capt or Incident Capt
  16. What shall Designate a command post within the outer perimeter and out of sight of
    the scene being contained.
    The Sgt
  17. Who shall be responsible forAttempt to obtain the phone number (if any) for the stronghold location, and attempt to determine the exact location of the phone within the structure if possible. 

    A- The CNT Officer 
    B- The SWAT Commander
    C- The on scene Sgt
    D- The first responding Officer
    C- The on scene Sgt
  18. Who insure that a floor plan drawing of the location is prepared. The plan should include such things as all exterior windows, doors and types of doors, (including which way they open) exterior vents, nearby vehicles, cover, obstacles, hazards, interior layout, and any other information which would effect suspect containment or SWAT access.
    The on Scene Sgt
  19. Who shall take initial steps to disable or block any nearby vehicle to which the suspect might gain access. If tactically unsafe to approach vehicle, then direct appropriate nearby roadblock vehicles for containment. 

    A- The first responding Officer 
    B- The on scene Sgt 
    C- The SWAT commander
    B the on scent Sgt
  20. The original on-scene ranking Operations Incident Commander assumes overall command of operations at the scene and maintains overall
    responsibility throughout the incident until
    relieved by a superior.
  21. Who shall establish the radio frequency for conducting the operation. 

    Operations Incident Commander 
    Swat Commander
    Operations Incident Commander
  22. Who shall be responsible  Determine the need for SWAT/Negotiators, and direct a staging area for responding officers other support personnel and their equipment. 

    Operations incident Commander 
    SWAT commander
    Operations incident
  23. Who act as an advisor to the Investigations Assistant Chief. Coordinate the activities of SWAT and crisis negotiators at the direction of the Investigations Assistant Chief 

    SWAT Commander 
    Operations Incident Commander
    The SWAT Commander
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