Geography Chapter 8 quiz

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  1. o
  2. many mineral deposits of the northern territories have not been deposited bc of the harsh _ and rugged _
    climate, terrain
  3. the _ territories contain rich deposits of minerals, including gold, silver, copper, zinc, lead, iron, uranium, petroleum, and natural gas, and the _ was built to oil to southern markets
    northern territories, pipeline
  4. Nunavut was established as a part of a land claim settlement with the nature _
  5. The Yukon territory, northwest territorys and Nunavut occupy _% of Canada, they are cold and sparsely inhabited
  6. _ and the extraction of _ and _ _ in Alberta have given the British Columbia and Northern Territories a new source of wealth and have spurred the growth of Calgary and Edmonton
  7. the Prairies were built around the _
  8. more than _ of the population of the prairies live in cities, while more than _ of British Columbia's population lives in the Vancouver area
    1/2, 4/5
  9. British Columbia lies between _ and _
    Rocky Mountains and Pacific Ocean
  10. Quebec is home to the _ -speaking people in canada
  11. _ is Ontarios capital, and is the financial hub of Canada
  12. the bodies of water along the great lakes and st Lawrence seaway differ in elevation, so _ have been built to raise and lower boats btween levels
  13. _ was once one of the worlds richest fishing area, but overfishing depleted the supply so much so they had to suspend it
  14. The Atlantic Provinces are sometimes called the _ bc of their ties to the sea
  15. solid rock that's covered by gravel, soil, and sand
  16. enclosed area on canal that rises or lowers
  17. bordering on or related to the sea
  18. a territory governed as a political division of a country
  19. What are the economic activities of British Columbia and northern territories
    oil industry, farming, mining, fishing, and tourism
  20. Whats the major landforms of british Columbia and northern territories? (2)
    Rocky Mountains, Coastal Mountains
  21. what are the British columbia and Northern territories? (4)
    British Columbia, Yukon Territory, Northwest territories, Nunavcet
  22. whats the main economic activity of the prairies?
  23. whats the major landscape of the prairies?
    the prairies
  24. what are the prairie providences?
    Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatckwen
  25. what are the economic activities of the great lakes and st Lawrence providences?
    farming, fishing
  26. What are the major landforms of The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence providences? (3)
    Canadian shield, Hudson bay lowlands, st. Lawrence lowlands
  27. What are the 2 names of The great lakes and st. Lawrence provinces
    Quebec and Ontario
  28. What are the economic activities of Atlantic Providences?
    fishing, forestry, farming
  29. Whats the major landform of the Atlantic Providence?
    Appalachian Mountains
  30. What are the Atlantic Providences? (5)
    Newfoundland, Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Novia Scotia, New Brunswick
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