Unit 4: Maintenance Materials and Measuring Tools

  1. What TO covers aircraft hardware?
    TO 1-1A-8
  2. The size of a bolt is stated in what terms?
    • Length
    • Diameter
    • Threads per inch
  3. Define the grip length of a bolt.
    Un-threaded portion
  4. What type of bolt is available with thin heads for use in tight places?
  5. What kind of bolt is used where shearing or sideways stress occurs?
  6. What special purpose bolt is used where external tension loads are applied?
  7. What feature distinguishes the internal wrenching bolt from other bolts?
    The head is recessed for internal wrenching
  8. List three kinds of non-self locking nuts.
    • Plain
    • Check
    • Castle
  9. List two uses for plain washers.
    • Provide a smooth bearing surface
    • Act as shims in obtaining the correct relationship between bolt threads and the nut
  10. How are screws usually described?
    Shape of their head
  11. What type of rivet is usually used for fastening aircraft structures?
    Common solid shank rivets
  12. What type of aircraft fastener is not designed to carry a structural load?
    Quick release
  13. How is a cable size determined?
  14. Why are some cables coated with a nylon jacket?
    To increase the cable's service life by keeping lubricants in and dirt out, and dampening vibrations
  15. What is the purpose of a turnbuckle?
    Adjust the tension on aircraft cables
  16. Pulleys are made of what?
    Molded or machined phenolic of light alloy such as aluminum
  17. What keeps cables from coming in contact with structural parts of the aircraft?
  18. What's the purpose of a pressure seal?
    Prevent pressure loss through aircraft pressurized areas
  19. What units are used to transmit motion about an axis and to change the direction of force of a cable or push-pull rod?
    Quadrants and bell cranks
  20. What is a control rod?
    Rigid devices that transmit push and pull motions
  21. What devices limit the movement of a control surface?
  22. Where are torque tubes used in flight control systems?
    In the flight control system where needed to transmit a twisting force
  23. How are aluminum alloy and stainless steel tubing easily distinguished?
    Different metallic luster
  24. Where is aluminum-alloy tubing commonly used?
    As a return line
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