Unit 5 Alyssa

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  1. Berlin Blockade
    • The Yalta conference had split Germany between the French, English, Americans, and the Russians
    • Also split Berlin into four territories - deep within the Russian zone of Germany
    • Western Allies and the USSR had differing ideas on how Germany should be rebuilt - Russians attempted to drive the Western nations out of Berlin by cutting off their access to supplies
    • Closed roads around Berlin, and then refused to allow supplies into East Germany to reach Berlin
    • Berlin Airlift moved over two million tons of food and supplies by plane
    • Several solutions were proposed to the problem, including muscling into Berlin by force - feared that this could spark a war with Russia, used airlift instead
  2. NATO
    • North Atlantic Treaty Organization
    • United States, Canada, other Western European countries
    • An attack on any of the countries would be treated as an attack on all
    • First peacetime alliance in US history
  3. Warsaw Pact
    • Direct response to NATO
    • Russia allied with other Soviet nations
    • Same principle as NATO - if one is attacked, all respond
  4. Thomas Dewey
    • Republican candidate 1948 against Truman
    • Governor from New York
    • Bipartisan platform
    • Runningmate was Earl Warren
  5. Earl Warren
    • Governor from California
    • Thomas Dewey's runningmate
  6. Dixiecrats
    • States' rights democrats
    • Condemned civil rights - pro segregation
  7. Strom Thurmond
    • Dixiecrat from South Carolina
    • Entered 1948 presidential race against Dewey and Truman
  8. HUAC
    • House Un-american Activities Committee
    • McCarthyism/red scare
    • Held trials of famous actors/public icons that were accused of communism
  9. Alger Hiss
    • Whittaker Chambers - self admitted communist, writer for Time Magazine
    • Turned in Alger Hiss to have political immunity
    • Gave pumpkin papers - film/handwritten evidence against Alger Hiss
    • Evidence only enough for perjury
  10. Red Scare
    • Widespread fear of communism and Soviet spies in the 1950's
    • McCarthyism
    • HUAC
  11. Klaus Fuchs
    • Member of Manhattan Project
    • Known Communist spy
    • Gave USSR nuclear technology secrets
  12. Mao Zedong
    • Leader of Chinese Communist Party
    • Took power from Chiang Kai-shek in 1949
  13. Chiang Kai-shek
    • Leader of China until 1949
    • Driven back to Taiwan by Chinese Communist Party (led by Mao Zedong)
  14. Joseph McCarthy
    • Senator from Wisconsin
    • Greatly elevated red scare - played off of people's fear of communism to gain political power
    • Claimed to have a list of communist spies in state department
  15. McCarran Security Act
    • Required Communist or Communist-front organizations to register with Attorney General and provide membership lists/financial records
    • Included groups suspected of harboring communists
    • Gave president power to round up and detain any suspected communists indefinitely
    • Truman vetoed, but Congress overrode
  16. McCarran Walter Act
    • Immigration law which had a quota system favoring Northern/Western Europe
    • Immigrants had to take loyalty oaths and could be deported even after becoming citizens if they were suspected of communist activities
    • Truman vetoed, but Congress overrode
  17. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
    • Accused of sharing bomb secrets with USSR
    • Arrested and executed
    • Caused outrage among many citizens - believed they weren't actually guilty
  18. Syngman Rhee
    • President of Republic of Korea
    • Recognized by US, Truman, Eisenhower
    • Wins 1948, 1952, 1956 elections
    • Corruption - purge opponents
    • Won election 1960 by voter fraud
    • Anti-government demonstrations weren’t enough to throw him out
    • Resigns 1960, exiled to hawaii
  19. Douglas MacArthur
    • War hero
    • Had command of US forces in Japan
    • Brilliant military commander
    • Spoke out against Truman's military decisions, possibly jeopardizing US position in Korea
    • Fired by Truman because of this
  20. Kim Il Sung
    • North Korean Candidate
    • Refuses to take part in election
    • USSR recognizes
    • President of Democratic People’s Republic
    • Eliminate opponents
    • USSR military and political consultants
  21. 38th Parallel
    • Division line between North/South Korea
    • Demilitarized Zone
  22. Inchon
    • The landing of UN troops, by General Douglas MacArthur, behind enemy lines at Inchon in Korea.
    • Goal was to push back the North Korean troops.
  23. Matthew Ridgway
    • Army Vice chief of Staff
    • Assumed command after MacArthur was fired
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