Literary Terms

  1. Metaphor
    Comparison of two seemingly unlike things
  2. Simile
    Comparison using like or as
  3. Personification
    Characteristics of humans given to non-humans
  4. Allusion
    Reference to well-known being or event
  5. Symbol
    Is what it is and something more
  6. Image
    Sensory Detail
  7. Archetype
    Recurrent image that touches collective subconscious
  8. Motif
    Recurrent image, idea, or theme in specific piece of literature
  9. Tragedy
    Starts good, gets bad, hero destroyed
  10. Comedy
    Starts bad, gets good, hero triumphs
  11. Satire
    Improving human conditions through exaggeration, comedy
  12. Novel
    Extended fictional narrative
  13. Parody
    Ridicule of a serious work by exaggerated imitation
  14. Short Story
    Brief fictional narrative in prose
  15. Essay
    Prose discussion of a limited topic
  16. Myth
    Traditional story explaining natural phenomena or cultural practice
  17. Didactic Literature
    Seeks to instruct
  18. Atmosphere
    Effect of physical environment
  19. Tone
    Author's or speaker's attitued
  20. Conflict
    Interplay of opposing forces
  21. Epiphany
    Sudden awareness
  22. Flashback
    Device to suppply background
  23. Foreshadowing
    Hints at coming events
  24. Theme
    Central idea
  25. Plot
  26. Denouement
    Resolution, outcome replicating thought
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Literary Terms