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  1. What is a rainforest?
    • Are closed forests that allow only a small% of light with over 70% coverage. 
    • They are found in the east coast of oz and end of NT
  2. What is the importance of conserving them?
    • It is key to conserve rainforests as they have many endemic species  and huge bio diversity ( in NE queensland ) and Gondwanan remnant species.
    • -50% of all ferns in OZ occur in the rain forests
    • .Many primitive species occur in rain forests. Austrobaileaya: pollen similar to
    • primitive pollen , no other close relatives.
    • Black bean tree : used in many
    • cures ie AIDS .
    • Musky rat kangaroo: Evolutionary value, very simple rounded
    • teeth and features
  3. Compare Tropical and Temperate Forests
    • Tropical : -more species rich `, structurally complex (4 layers)
    • More nutrient rich+ rapid nutrient cycling , no single species dominant
    • Mesophyll leaves : trees with leaves larger than 12.5 cm
    • Temperate :
    • -fewer species , fewer vines , fewer layers ,microphyll leaves
    •  NSW –East Vic warm temperate , VIC –SA cool temperate
  4. Describe  3 adaptations of rain forest plant
    • Leaves: large and glossy to maximise light absorption .
    • they have hathodes .Cool damp
    • environment have no pressure to transpire therefore hathodes use root pressure
    • to transport water and release it via pores process known as guttation
    • .Buttress roots: provide extra support allowing plants to grow higher up to reach light .
    • Cauliflory : growing things on trunks so that birds can easily access them
  5. Describe 3 relationships that occur in rain forest
    • Commensalism : epiphytes are trees that grow on other trees. they do this to obtain light . they use water and nutrients obtained from runoff.e.g orchids , ferns , xerophytes. Some stag horn ferns have two types of
    • leaves one for collecting run off other to photosynthesis.
    • Mutualism :mermecodia , ants , domatia .Parasitism : strangling figs – starts life in theupper canopy , flesh fruits are eaten by birds that spread seeds , it stats t o
    • grow on trees .Plants sends down roots that obtain water, eventually kills host
    • .Raflisia root parasites
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