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  1. Describe climate and structure of Australia ?
    It rains in summer in the northern part of Australia, Itrains in winter in the southern part of Australia Tall trees are b/w10-30m   shrubs are greater than 2m andgrass are b/w 0-15m , Closed forests are greater than 70% intercepted by light ,Openforests are 30-70%  10-30% are woodland
  2. How did climate in Australia change?
    • The creation of the circumpolar current reduced the temperature and increased aridity. This caused all the rainforest vegetation to disappear and the caused the abundance to heat tolerant plants. Land surface has little mountains and volcanic activity . the weathering caused the leaching
    • of soils causing phosphorus deficient soil. Evaporation of lakes left saline
    • mud flats
  3. Describe the history of fire in Australia
    The fire was infrequent but it steadily increased. This is indicated by charcoal …Patterns in sediments. 

    Fire was less frequent in glacial period. Increased aridity increased fire, Causing the evolution of fire resistant plants
  4. Pleistocene ice ages?
    • Glacial period : cool unlike elsewhere glaciers
    • did not grow except in alpine regions, caused sea levels to go down
    • Interglacial period : warm  vice ver     
    • Caused increase in aridity and deserts to expand  
    • What happened in the last glacial: rain forests
    • were replaced by fire tolerant vegetation and mega fauna were extinct    
    • Evidence of human arrival:  -charcoal burning tools , bones
  5. Describe species distribution in Australia.
    • Species richness is concentrated in the east coast area of the rainforest. Species endemic to aus occur in south west of WA.The reason
    • endemism occurs in populations are isolated due to  : the nulloboar plain , high ph soils act as a barrier. The arid zone separates moisture loving plants from xerophytes
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