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  1. what are the 3 most common actions for posterior compartment?
    -plantar flex the foot

    -flex the toes

    - invert the foot
  2. what is the posterior compartment innervated by?
    tibial nerve
  3. what are the 2 components of the sciatic nerve?
    -tibial nerve

    -common fibular nerve
  4. which 3 muscles make up the superficial group?


  5. which two muscle make up the triceps surae?

  6. where does the long thin tendon of plantaris lie between? (2)
  7. gastrocnemius and the soleus
  8. gastrocnemius) origin (2)
    • -medial condyle of femur and lateral condyle of femur
    • *has two heads that is why
  9. gastrocnemius) inserts
    -into calcaneus via achilles tendon
  10. gastrocnemius) innervated
    tibial nerve
  11. gastrocnemius) action (2)
    • -flexes leg
    • *knee

    • -plantar flexes
    • *ankle
  12. does the gastrocnemius cross 1 or 2 joints?
  13. which muscle is the most superficial of posterior compt?
  14. Soleus) origin (2)
    -head of fibula

    • -along the soleal line of the tibia
    • *posterior upper part of tibia
  15. Soleus) inserts
    • calcaneus via achillees tendon
    • *same as gastrocnemius
  16. Soleus) innervated
    tibial nerve
  17. Soleus) action
    plantar flexion of foot
  18. what muscle is superficial to soleus?
  19. which muscle is antigravity muscle that acts with extensors of the leg to maintain balance?
  20. plantaris) orign
    -lateral condyle of the femur
  21. plantaris) inserts
    calcaneus via achilles tendon on medial side
  22. plantaris) innervated
    tibial nerve
  23. plantaris) action (2)
    -flexes leg

    -plantar flexion
  24. how many joints does plantaris cross?
    2 joints
  25. which are the 4 muscles of the deep posterior leg compt.?

    -flexor digitorum longus

    -flexor hallucis longus

    -tibialis posterior
  26. popliteus) where is it located?
    • in the politeal fossa
    • *behind the knee
  27. popliteus) origin
    lateral condyle of femur
  28. popliteus) inserts
    proximal tibia
  29. popliteus) innervated
    tibial nerve
  30. popliteus) action (3)
    -flexes the leg

    • -medially rotates the leg
    • *to unlock the knee from extended position

    -laterally rotates the thigh when tibia is fixed
  31. flexor digitorum longus) origin
    posterior part of tibia
  32. flexor digitorum longus) inserts
    distal phalanges of toes 2-5
  33. flexor digitorum longus) innervated
    tibial nerve
  34. flexor digitorum longus) action (3)
    -plantar flexes

    -inverts the foot

    -flexes the toes
  35. which of the deep vertically placed muscles is the most medial?
    flexor digitorum longus
  36. where does the tendon of flexor digitorum longus hook around?
    medial malleous
  37. flexor hallucis longus) origin (2)
    -lower shaft of fibula

    -part of interoseaous membrane
  38. flexor hallucis longus) inserts
    distal phalanx of the big toe
  39. flexor hallucis longus) innervated
    tibial nerve
  40. flexor hallucis longus) aciton (4)
    -plantar flexes

    -inverts the foot

    -flexes big toe

    -strong muscle to push off
  41. which vertical deep muscle is the most laterally placed?
    flexor hallucis longus
  42. where does the tendon of flexor hallucis longus hook around?
    medial malleous
  43. tibialis posterior) origin (3)
    -superior aspect of tibia, fibula, and interosseous membrane
  44. tibialis posterior) inserts (2)
    -several of tarsal bones and

    -metatarsals 2,3,4
  45. tibialis posterior) innervated
    tibial nerve
  46. tibialis posterior) action (3)
    -inversion of foot

    -plantar flexion

    -supports longitudinal arches of foot
  47. which is the deepest and most central muscle of the posterior deep msucles?
    tibialis posterior
  48. in what order do the 3 vertical muscels of deep posterior compt hook around  the medial malleous?
    -tibialis posterior

    -flexor digitorum

    -artery and nerve

    -flexor hallucis longus

  49. What holds the 3 vertical deep posteior muscles in places as they hook around the medial malleous?
    flexor retinaculum
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