Aromatherapy -1

  1. Analgesic
    painkilling effect
  2. Anti-acid
    reduces the effect caused by too much gastric acid
  3. Anti-allergic
    prevents allergic reactions
  4. Anticatarrhall
    Helps remove catarrh
  5. Antidepressant
    helps lift depression and symptoms related to it
  6. Anti-inflammatory
    reduces inflammations
  7. Antimicrobial
    An agent which resists or destroys pathogenic micro-organisms
  8. Antipruritic
    relieves sensation of itching or prevents its occurence
  9. Antiseptic
    Prevents or removes infection
  10. Antispasmodic
    Calms,slows muscle spasm
  11. Antiviral
    Kills virus,or helps prevent a virus developing
  12. Aphrodisiac
    heightens sexual desire
  13. Astrigent
    contracts and Tightens tissues,especially skin
  14. Bacteriacidal
    Kills Bacteria
  15. Balancing
    creates balance in emotions or in activity of part of the body
  16. Calming
    Has an overall calming effect
  17. Calminative
    Helps prevent flatulence
  18. Cephalic
    Clears and focuses the mind
  19. Cicatrisant
    helps wounds heal
  20. Cooling
    Cools the area of application,reduces temperature
  21. Cordial
    a stimulant and tonic
  22. Cytophylactic
  23. Deodarant
    removes or masks unpleasant smells
  24. Depurative
    Removes impurities and toxins
  25. Diuretic
    Increases urine production
  26. Emmenagogue
    provokes menstruation-useful for clients suffering from amenorrhoea (absence of periods) but contraindicated for pregnant women
  27. Expectorant
    Helps fluidity,thus remove,mucus from lungs and respiratory passages
  28. Febrifuge
    reduces fever
  29. Fungicidal
    Destroys fungi
  30. Galactagogue
    increases the secretion of Breast milk
  31. Haemostatic
    stops bleeding
  32. Hypertensive
    increases blood pressure
  33. Hypotensive
    Lowers blood pressure
  34. Immuno-stimulant:
    Stimulates the immune sistem
  35. Laxative
    promotes evacuation of the bowel
  36. Nervine
    strengthening and toning to the nerves and nervous system
  37. Oestrogenic
    Helps promote production of oestrogen
  38. Prophylactic
    preventive of disease or infection
  39. Relaxing
    has a general relaxing effect
  40. Refreshing
    Has a refreshing effect
  41. Rubefacient
    Warms and reddens the area of application,and subsequently the blood vessels in that area dilate
  42. Sedative
    Calms the nervous system
  43. Stimulant
    Stimulates a particular system or the whole body
  44. Stomachic
    aids digestion,eases indegestion
  45. Sudorific
    Increases perspiration
  46. Tonic
    invigorates and gives strength to a specific area or the whole body depending on the oil
  47. Uplifting
    Helps positive thinking,lifts the emotions
  48. Vasoconstrictive
    Reduces dilation of capillaries(thus reducing blood flow to an area and the redness it causes)
  49. Vasodilatory
    increases dilation of capillaries( thus warming and increasing the blood flow to an area causing it to redden)
  50. Vermifuge
    expels intestinal worms
  51. Vulnerary
    An agent which helps heal wounds and sores by external application
  52. Warming
    produces feeling of warmth.
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